Worm.Zelda Description

Worm.Zelda is a worm that creates new copies of itself with the intention of compromising your PC’s security, and also has close ties to file-infection techniques reminiscent to those of traditional viruses. Although Worm.Zelda is an old PC threat and currently is in low distribution, SpywareRemove.com malware experts still rate Worm.Zelda as a danger to your PC that should be eliminated thoroughly to prevent Worm.Zelda from finding its way to new computers through any of various means common to most worms. All of the usual infection vectors for worms, including networked drives, peripheral devices and e-mail should be monitored to prevent Worm.Zelda from spreading itself.

Worm.Zelda: When Just One Way of Spreading a PC Threat Isn’t Enough

Worm.Zelda is a worm that includes functions for creating duplicates of itself for several purposes, including making backups of itself (in case the original installation is deleted by security software) or enabling Worm.Zelda to infect new PCs. While you suspect a possible Worm.Zelda infection on any computer, you should be careful to monitor any accessible networked PCs or peripheral devices, which also may be infected by Worm.Zelda. Fraudulent e-mail messages also may be used to carry Worm.Zelda to new targets, potentially including e-mail addresses harvested from any previously infected computers.

However, Worm.Zelda’s self-distributing functions don’t stop there.

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Worm.Zelda infections also often include components of typical viruses that previously have been classified as PE (or Portable Executable) file infectors. These components of Worm.Zelda infections may inject their code into unrelated programs and may duplicate Worm.Zelda each time the program is launched. All common PE file types may be affected, including EXE, DLL, CPL, SYS, OCX, SCR, DRV and EFI.

Pruning a Wild Growth of Worm.Zelda

Like any parasite that alters the files on your computer without your permission and to your detriment, you should exterminate Worm.Zelda with any suitable anti-malware program as soon as you first spy any signs of its existence. Although Worm.Zelda is a fairly old and, as a result, lacks many of the sophisticated attacks and defenses boasted by PC threats like W32.Changeup!gen44 or Email-Worm.Win32.Mydoom.m, SpywareRemove.com malware experts warn that Worm.Zelda still is a definite security hazard and should be deleted promptly.

Basic worms like Worm.Zelda often utilize e-mail spam and targeted e-mail attacks as ‘spearhead’ assaults before they may gain access to any local networks or removable devices. If you’re careful about which e-mail file attachments you choose to open and always scan suspicious files before you launch them, your computer is most likely safe from the most probable remaining infection vectors for Worm.Zelda and many similar worms. However, computers that have network access to multiple other systems or that share removable devices regularly may be in danger of spreading Worm.Zelda or being infected by Worm.Zelda relatively directly.

Worm.Zelda Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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