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www2.mystart.com Screenshot 1Www2.mystart.com is a search engine site that has been noted by some PC security companies as being a host for malicious software. Although widespread confirmation of dangers related to Www2.mystart.com’s content isn’t yet available, SpywareRemove.com malware experts do recommend caution while interacting with Www2.mystart.com, which uses the same template as mildly disreputable sites like Karmaklick.com. Regardless of the nature of Www2.mystart.com’s applicability as a search engine, Www2.mystart.com’s main point of interest is its usage as a destination by browser-redirecting PC threats. Undesired redirects to Www2.mystart.com from any other site can be just one of many possible symptoms of a browser hijacker-related infection, and it’s always encouraged for you to scan your computer after unwanted contact with Www2.mystart.com by redirects or other means.

Www2.mystart.com: a Second-Hand Yahoo for Third-Party Results

Www2.mystart.com claims to be powered by Yahoo, although its actual search features are still open to investigation at the time of this writing. As a site that’s clearly cloned from other little-known search engines that are noteworthy primarily for displaying excessive advertisements, Www2.mystart.com is unlikely to offer the same quality of results that reputable search sites are noted to provide.

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Malware researchers have also noted limited reports of malicious content being promoted by Www2.mystart.com, which may include:
  • Script exploits that install harmful software on your PC without your permission. Disabling commonly-exploited scripts (such as Flash or Java) can help prevent such attacks although such defenses aren’t a substitute for true anti-malware protection.
  • The promotion of fake security programs, anti-malware scanners, defragmenters and other common forms of scamware. Such scamware usually uses inaccurate online scanners that include a prompt for download.
  • Harmful files that are mislabeled to encourage you to download them – for example you may see a link that links to a download of a fake Flash update that is, in fact, a Trojan or rootkit.

When Your Only Starting Point is Www2.mystart.com

It’s unlikely that Www2.mystart.com would have achieved significant notice in the public eye if not for separate browser hijacks that have used Www2.mystart.com as a landing point. Redirects to Www2.mystart.com are especially common in cases of attempted search engine usage, but SpywareRemove.com malware researchers warn that redirects to Www2.mystart.com may also occur in other fashions (such as by locking your browser’s homepage to Www2.mystart.com).

Redirects to Www2.mystart.com are just one of many symptoms that may be displayed by PC threats that are capable of browser-hijacking attacks, and may also be included next to keylogging attacks, installations of other forms of harmful software or attempts to block security-related software. Since Www2.mystart.com redirects can occur as a result of more than one type of PC threat, SpywareRemove.com malware analysts strongly recommend that victims use anti-malware products to delete all traces of any Www2.mystart.com-related infection.

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