Yontoo Adware

Yontoo Adware Description

Yontoo Adware is a browser add-on for multiple types of web browsers (including Internet Explorer and Chrome) that adds a self-described ‘virtual graphic layer’ on top of normal web pages. In most cases, this is used to enable certain types of content for the Facebook website, but in some scenarios, Yontoo Adware may deliver irrelevant content such as advertisements that interfere with web-browsing due to their sheer numbers. Although malware researchers haven’t noted any characteristics that would indicate that Yontoo Adware is a serious security threat to your PC, you may wish to be cautious about installing Yontoo Adware and remain alert for potentially negative content that Yontoo Adware may display in your web browser. If you’d like to remove Yontoo Adware from your computer, it’s recommended that you use anti-malware software to insure the complete removal of all of Yontoo Adware’s components.

Why Yontoo Adware Gives You Reasons to Rage Against the Machine

Yontoo Adware’s browser-specific toolbar is marketed by the name PageRage, and must be downloaded manually to be installed on your PC. In most cases, installations of Yontoo Adware occur after you install a related Facebook application that requires Yontoo technology. Yontoo Adware can be used to deliver benign or harmless content, and malware researchers haven’t found any indications that Yontoo Adware will directly attack your PC with the consent of the Yontoo company.

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Unfortunately, Yontoo Adware also has a seedier side, as noted below.

Along with its appealing features, Yontoo Adware also may degrade the performance of your PC and use up a significant amount of bandwidth to perform its constant website-layering functions. Yontoo Adware may also be used to display advertisements, sponsored offers, links to unusual sites and other forms of content that aren’t related to your interests. Yontoo Adware is capable of displaying this content in excessive quantities that actually harm your ability to interact with real website content.

Why Yontoo Adware’s Past Should Be of Concern in the Present

Although there have never been reports of serious Yontoo Adware attacks or exploits, nonetheless, widespread and unwanted propagation of Yontoo Adware was reported early in 2012. This indicates that Yontoo Adware is still being packaged with other Facebook applications and, although Yontoo Adware still requires your consent to be installed, may be installed in a somewhat misleading or unnoticeable manner. As long as you pay close attention to installation-related messages when installing browser add-ons or Facebook apps, your computer should be safe from unwanted Yontoo Adware installations.

Yontoo Adware should be easy to detect in your web browser due to its highly-visible symptoms, but we don’t recommend that you try to delete Yontoo Adware by its included removal features. Toolbars that are linked to Yontoo Adware have been known to be difficult to remove completely, and scanning your PC with a qualified anti-malware program is likely to be the most expedient solution to a Yontoo Adware problem.

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