‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ Message

System Progressive Protection Screenshot 1‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message is a pop-up that’s associated with a botched installation of a Yontoo-based application – in most cases, an adware program that changes your browser’s display for the purpose of showing you advertisements. Because Yontoo and, by natural consequence, ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message are associated with multiple brands of browser add-ons, you should put a stop to ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ messages by using a general anti-malware program to remove all adware and other PC threats from your computer.

When Windows Greets You with a ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ Message

‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message is a system startup alert that always is linked to the presence of Yontoo-based adware. Yontoo, as a web-browsing adware platform that supposedly ‘enhances’ your web-browsing experience by enabling add-ons to insert additional advertisements on top of any normal content, has been blacklisted by several PC security organizations. Unfortunately, Yontoo and ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message problems continue to plague various PC users, largely as a result of Yontoo being used by many different brands of browser plugins, some of which are more recognizable than others.

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Examples of Yontoo-based PC threats that may generate a ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message include:

However, it must be emphasized that, since the Yontoo adware campaign still is in development, a ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message also may appear with other brands of browser plugins. So far, all PC threats associated with ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message are rated by SpywareRemove.com malware researchers as low-level PC threats that may display ads and harm your browser’s performance, but aren’t considered to be capable of any other major attacks against your computer.

Getting the ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ Message Problem Out of Your Desktop

In some ways, a ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message can be considered beneficial – since it usually appears as a result of a Yontoo toolbar failing to be installed properly (thereby preventing you from sitting through unwanted ads). Like any successful Yontoo-related infections, a ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message should be remedied by appropriate anti-malware tools that can delete all files and settings changes related to Yontoo software.

SpywareRemove.com malware researchers consider the chances of intentionally downloading Yontoo programs and, thusly, ‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ message problems, unlikely, but often have noted Yontoo toolbars being distributed through bundles with other applications. If you’re downloading software from an untrustworthy source, you should be cautious about any possibility of adware, PUPs, browser hijackers or other low-level threats being installed automatically.

‘YontooDesktop.exe – Application Error’ Message Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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