Description is a clone of previous Websearch sites, such as and, all of which reroute any attempted searches to the search engine. Even though and don’t host malicious software directly, some types of malware with browser-hijacking capabilities have been known to force your browser to redirect to Websearch sites like Browser hijackers for always should be considered dangers to your safe web-browsing experience, and malware experts recommend using updated anti-malware products to resolve any redirects to or other browser-hijacking issues.

Why the ‘You Will Find’ in Can Be a Malware-Assisted Prophecy exists only as an easy front page for, with no functions beyond a faux search bar that redirects any traffic towards that site. Although has been listed in a minority of blacklists as a result of its display of suspicious content, malware analysts haven’t confirmed any cases of or being used to distribute malware, browser exploits or other PC threats. Contact with, while not especially recommended, shouldn’t be thought of as a probable cause of your computer being infected.

On the other hand, your browser being redirected to repeatedly usually is a sign of infection by a browser hijacker – a new variant of similar PC threats that have been using the same tactics to promote other Websearch sites that are hosted at different domains.

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Redirects to from other sites are the primary symptoms of such an infection, but malware experts also warn that symptoms can include:
  • Links to inserted in the content of unrelated sites.
  • Being incapable of changing your default search engine from
  • Being unable to change your homepage from
  • Experiencing arbitrary pop-ups related to

Navigating Your Way Out of a Whirlpool

Most browser hijackers, particularly for relatively harmless sites like, only are classified as low-level PC threats. However, browser hijackers often are associated with security problems that can allow more dangerous kinds of malware than themselves to attack your computer. Removing browser hijackers as soon as possible is encouraged by malware experts.

Since browser hijackers may create system changes that aren’t associated with a specific program, you should use anti-malware applications to delete any PC threats with all due thoroughness. Because is a fairly recent member of the Websearch family, you may need to update your software to ensure an accurate disinfection – although most anti-malware programs should be able to detect browser hijackers heuristically.
Redirects to are not specified to any one kind of browser, operating system or plugin, and currently the infection vectors for these PC threats remain under investigation. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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