WeatherBug Description

WeatherBug is an ad-supported application that shows weather forecasts and provides other similar information. It also shows commercial advertisements. WeatherBug is not an actual spyware, purchasing the full version disables its adware functionality. The application must be manually installed. It also can be bundled with other ad-supported products. WeatherBugs runs on every Windows startup. It comes with the functional uninstaller.

Technical Details

Posted: March 28, 2006 | By
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  • Lahn Moore says:

    Unable to uninstall WeatherBug program.

  • George Boyd says:

    WeatherBug does not have a undelete capability in their system. I find this desturbing since I was of the opinion that this was a requirement to ingage in commercial business. Please relay these sentiments to WeatherBug. I do not need or desire WeatherBug. Thank you for your attention to this matter at your earliest convenience.

    George M. Boyd

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