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Outrate.net is a browser hijacker website that pretends to be a legitimate search provider. Outrate.net is connected with browser hijackers and adware that may install an unwanted toolbar on the web browser and modify browser settings. The main purpose of Outrate.net might be to make money from click fraud and increased traffic for cybercrooks. Outrate.net may either be pushed as a browser helper or come packaged with unsafe downloads of freeware. Browser hijackers and adware related to Outrate.net mY cause annoying diversions on the web browser to dubious advertising websites involving Outrate.net.

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If any browser hijackers and adware exist on the machine, the PC user may get forcibly rerouted to Outrate.net and other similar websites that may show random pop-up advertisements. Such websites as Outrate.net were designed by cybercrooks to possibly attract PC users visiting them and clicking on random pop-up advertisements in order to boost website traffic and make a profit from the pay-per-click technique.

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