Description Screenshot is a search engine site that provides a quote ‘carousel’ unquote of popular websites, in addition to its search results, but most people only know of from its association with settings changes that force your browser to load as its default homepage. While claims that these changes are voluntary and can be opted out of at any time, malware researchers have noted that casual PC users may find it difficult to revert’s settings changes, which can be included with installers for unrelated programs (typical for most adware, browser hijackers and similar low-level threats). While may not be dangerous to your computer, it’s recommended that you use anti-malware software to regain control over your browser so that you can visit only when you choose to do so.

How Sets Itself Up as Your Home on the Web

Although scarcely is new to the web, the footprints of its history are minimal and contain neither signs of PC threat propagation nor indicators that could be a viable competitor to popular brands of search engines. is known predominantly for is its deliberate attempts to hijack your web browser and set itself as your homepage regardless of your preferences.

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These browser hijackers may be distributed through browser exploits or through installation processes for unrelated freeware programs.

Despite these issues, hasn’t been rated as being more inclined to redirect you to malicious websites than any other search engine would be, and malware researchers currently rank as a saf website. Prolonged contact with isn’t likely to cause additional damage to your PC, except in the sense that unwanted changes to your web-browsing settings may also reduce your browser’s overall security.

A Home on the Range without in the Thick of Things

Because browser hijackers involving can be installed in several ways, malware research team recommends using anti-malware software to detect and delete all components of a infection. Similar PC threats tend to use freeware programs to bundle themselves for easy installation, and you may wish to pay close attention to any opt-in or opt-out options that are available while you’re installing software from less-than-reputable sources.

Removing browser hijackers associated with or any other site should never entail deleting your web browser itself, since your web browser’s redirects merely are symptoms of an underlying problem that isn’t likely to be linked directly to your browser software. In most cases, malware analysts have found that victims of redirects will experience these redirects in various browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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