PianoMan Virus

PianoMan Virus Description

PianoMan Virus, also known as PianoManCorrupt Virus or PianoMan Corrupt, is a PC threat, which affects Microsoft Office files. When PianoMan Virus invades the computer, it searches for .DOC, .XLS, and .PPT files, and makes them unreadable. PianoMan Virus changes extensions of files to ‘PianoManCorrupt’. PianoMan Virus can be removed with legal anti-virus software; however, infected documents may still remain unreadable. Attackers apply a variety of deceptive methods to distribute PianoMan Virus to vulnerable computers.

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Mostly, PianoMan Virus enters the affected computer system bundled with freeware and shareware applications, so PC users should believe only official download websites when looking for some free programs and be careful when downloading free software products from suspicious download websites. PianoMan Virus may also spread via social media websites that carry tricky links that may also download PianoMan Virus on the PC. If the computer user notices that he can’t reach his files and that they have ‘PianoManCorrupt’ endings, this specifies that the PC is affected by PianoMan Virus.

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