Pup.optional.defaulttab Description

Pup.optional.defaulttab is a potentially unwanted program, which alters browser settings on the compromised web browser.

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Pup.optional.defaulttab modifies the default homepage or search engine with some advertising website, or replaces the default tab of the hacked web browser, any time the PC user tries to open a blank page, with some deceptive commercial website. Pup.optional.defaulttab involves adware, installs toolbars or has other uncertain aims. Technically, Pup.optional.defaulttab is not a virus, but it encompasses numerous damaging functionalities, such as rootkit capabilities to conceal itself deeply into the infected computer system, browser hijacking and, generally, just interfering with the computer user’s experience. Pup.optional.defaulttab uses blackhat SEO to boost traffic of the website and benefit from the pay-per-click technique. Pup.optional.defaulttab enters the targeted PC packed with freeware and shareware programs (download-managers,video recording/streaming or PDF creators). Pup.optional.defaulttab is also packed within the custom installer on many download websites, such as CNET, Brothersoft or Softonic, so if the PC user has downloaded a certain program from these websites, he/she might also installed Pup.optional.defaulttab during the setup process of the program.

Pup.optional.defaulttab Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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