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RedKit Exploit Kit Description

First noticed in early 2012, RedKit Exploit Kit is a package of exploits that can install malicious software onto your PC without your permission. RedKit Exploit Kit’s latest attack involved a briefly successful hacking of the NBC website, which forced the site to host redirects to RedKit Exploit Kit-hosting sites from several locations (such as its main homepage and several pages related to talk show hosts). These RedKit Exploit Kit attacks ended in the installation of one of several variants of Keylogger Zeus, allowing criminals to steal confidential and fiscal data from the affected PCs. Because these attacks and their resulting Trojans don’t show symptoms of their presence, security analysts suggest the utilization of anti-malware software to disinfect your PC if you’ve visited the NBC website at all recently.

RedKit Exploit Kit: Painting Your PC Red with the Attacks of Banking Trojans

RedKit Exploit Kit has been around for roughly a year now and, throughout its brief lifespan, has been sold as a product for other criminals to use to delivery their own specialized malware payloads to vulnerable computers. With exploits for such platforms as Java and Adobe’s PDF format at its metaphorical fingertips, RedKit Exploit Kit may install these PC threats automatically and without displaying any evidence of its attack. However, RedKit Exploit Kit attacks must first be triggered: by exposure to a malicious site or a hacked one that’s been forced, like NBC’s homepage, to include malicious content.

NBC – one of the top television networks for the United States – is just the latest victim in RedKit Exploit Kit’s attacks, which malware researchers and others have noticed appear to be on an uptrend as of this year.

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Anyone who visited NBC’s site recently is at risk for having their PC infected by high-level PC threats. Currently-identified payloads from this attack include a ZeroAccess Trojan and a Citadel Trojan – both of which target and steal private information, including account passwords, user names, security question answers and other sensitive data. These attacks pose a special risk for financial information, such as that which might be used for online banking transactions.

Toning Down the RedKit Exploit Kit’s Flagrant Exploitation of Your Savings

To defend your PC against future RedKit Exploit Kit attacks, malware experts would recommend the same precautions that they suggest for other exploit kits like Blackhole Exploit Kit, Phoenix, Stamp EK, NuclearPack Exploit Kit, Whitehole Exploit Kit or Sweet Orange. Disable features, such as Java or Flash, that you don’t need unless you trust the site in question. Update all your software, which will prevent patched vulnerabilities from being used against your computer. Use strong browser security settings. Keep security software with web-browsing protective features on your PC.

If you have any reason to think that your PC may have been compromised in the latest RedKit Exploit Kit attack or any similar attack, you shouldn’t expect to see symptoms of the infection. However, strong anti-malware products can detect Citadel Trojans and other PC threats that may be installed by the RedKit Exploit Kit – particularly if you take steps to disable any malware that you can before you scan your computer. malware researchers also suggest that you take steps to secure any leaked personal information after removing any spyware that’s used in a RedKit Exploit Kit attack.

RedKit Exploit Kit Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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