Description is a search site that’s associated with the FunMoods browser add-on. Although doesn’t have a history of being malicious, malware experts have classified the FunMoods add-on as a Potentially Unwanted Program and adware. Because FunMoods are minor security risks, you should strongly consider removing FunMoods with appropriate anti-malware software – regardless of if you want or not to continue to use’s search capabilities.

Where the Fun Stops with

FunMoods usually is encountered when PC users install unrelated programs that include FunMoods in their installation process and such installations are particularly linked to freeware sites and P2P distribution networks. Careful attention to the installation process may allow you to opt out of a FunMoods installation, but, in some cases, FunMoods may not show any indications of being installed until you’re redirected to

Most browser redirects to take the format of redirected searches – attempts to use any other search sites that redirect you to and its preferred results.

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However, malware researchers warn that redirects to also can be implemented through homepage changes and other browser-based attacks.

Don’t Let Your Mood Be Dictated By’s Browser Extension

Because most browser hijackers will make undesirable changes to your browser’s settings and can include non-browser-specific components, malware experts don’t recommend that you try to disable and delete browser hijackers in the same way that you’d delete a normal add-on for your browser.

The majority of component anti-malware programs should be able to remove software without any difficulties. malware researchers suggest that you do this ASAP, although contact with, by itself, isn’t likely to cause direct attacks against your computer. An overall lack of control over your browser’s settings, such as that caused by’s FunMoods add-on, can result in vulnerability to other web-based attacks, regardless of whether or not such is the intention of malware analysts also warn that browser hijackers are compatible with most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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