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Vid Saver Description

Vid Saver is marketed as a video-watching utility but, unfortunately, also has been classified as adware due to its habit of displaying advertisements while you browse unrelated sites (very similar to the behavior of Deal Vault, another adware add-on by the same company). Along with its generally undesirable advertisements, Vid Saver also shows some malicious underpinnings by being very resistant to the standard add-on removal techniques that would be sufficient for any standard browser add-on. As a nuisance with potential performance-harming functions, Vid Saver ordinarily should be removed as soon as Vid Saver is noticed, and malware experts particularly encourage using strong anti-malware programs for deleting Vid Saver conveniently.

Vid Saver: Saving Your Videos at the Cost of Your Sanity

Vid Saver claims to be useful for watching website-streamed videos whenever you want, but Vid Saver’s most relevant functions all appear to be focused on delivering advertisements. Vid Saver creates two primary advertisement-delivery mechanisms that interfere with your usual browsing of various sites:
  • Keyword-based text links that are inserted into the text content of other websites. These advertisements are supposedly ‘related to your browsing habits,’ in the sense that they advertise products related to the keywords that are forced to host the links.
  • The addition of new advertising boxes above the content of prominent sites like Google. These boxes will display an ‘advertisements not by this site’ tag line that allows you to identify Vid Saver’s insertions easily.

Being the One to Save Your PC from the Vid Saver

While malware experts have yet to confirm how functional Vid Saver’s video-saving features are, they do stress that similar video utilities are available without the advertisements that Vid Saver adds on for its own benefit.

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Besides its own problems, Vid Saver also may be accompanied by other PUPs with similar advertisement-related features, such as FBPhotoZoom, Yontoo and 1ClickDownload. These PUPs are just as undesirable as Vid Saver and should be removed with Vid Saver as soon as it’s convenient to do so.

With a form of bullheadedness that’s typical for low-level PC threats like adware, Vid Saver has been found to be heavily resistant to normal deletion techniques. If you experience problems in removing Vid Saver, malware researchers can’t suggest a preferable solution to using anti-malware applications to delete Vid Saver during a scan.

To avoid a Vid Saver infection to begin with, you also should be cautious around free software sources with a predilection towards installing Potentially Unwanted Programs, adware, browser hijackers and all other low-level PC threats. In some cases, your browser also should be able to block some aspects of Vid Saver and comparable PC threats, but being able to block Vid Saver’s advertisements shouldn’t be considered a substitute for deleting Vid Saver and preserving the integrity of your web-browsing environment.

Vid Saver Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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