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Websearch.soft-quick.info is joining the numerous ranks of suspicious search engine-related sites that enjoy the inauspicious promotional features of browser hijackers, which redirect your browser to Websearch.soft-quick.info when you try to load unrelated sites. Besides the problems posed by these browser-redirecting PC threats, there are some issues with Websearch.soft-quick.info, which appears to use search results from Bing while adding in its own links – some of which may include malicious content. It’s recommended that you avoid using its search features, and you should remove browser hijackers associated with Websearch.soft-quick.info with suitable anti-malware products whenever you see symptoms of browser attacks associated with Websearch.soft-quick.info.

How Your Searches with Websearch.soft-quick.info Will Not Take You Where You Want

Websearch.soft-quick.info is marketed as a search engine website but doesn’t display any real search algorithm-related features – instead, Websearch.soft-quick.info appears to make do by redirecting visitors to results from Bing. Nonetheless, Websearch.soft-quick.info doesn’t serve just as a portal for Bing; Websearch.soft-quick.info provides links to other sites along with its Bing redirects. Unfortunately, this includes sites hosting hostile content. Some issues related to Websearch.soft-quick.info’s original links can include:
  • Phishing attacks that steal personal information – usually under the guise of ‘free’ prizes, quizzes, surveys or other techniques.

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    Information that can be harvested includes credit card information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, street addresses and, in some cases, even account passwords.
  • Drive-by-downloads that use exploits to install malware on your PC automatically. Updating your browser, disabling exploitable features and having anti-malware programs with web security functions can protect your computer against such attacks, which are responsible for the distribution of some of the most widespread and dangerous PC threats of this decade.
  • Fake anti-malware scanners that promote fraudulent security products, including members of the FakeRean and Sirefef families. These programs will display fake infection alerts to make you purchase their software.

Websearch.soft-quick.info’s Hard Sell for a ‘Soft’ Website

While Websearch.soft-quick.info has its own fair share of hazards, what really drew Websearch.soft-quick.info to the attention of malware experts was its recurrence as a destination for browser-hijacking attacks. These attacks, which can set your homepage to Websearch.soft-quick.info or redirect you to Websearch.soft-quick.info spontaneously, are caused by malware that’s installed onto your PC. All current Websearch.soft-quick.info-redirecting infections have been found to be installed by compromised installers for separate applications (such as freeware programs that are distributed through torrents and other insecure methods).

Because browser hijackers promote Websearch.soft-quick.info by damaging your ability to control your own web browser, you should disable them immediately after seeing any signs of redirects or other browser-based attacks for Websearch.soft-quick.info. Reputable anti-malware solutions will probably be capable of removing Websearch.soft-quick.info-redirecting browser hijackers easily during simple system scans.

Websearch.soft-quick.info Automatic Detection Tool (Recommended)

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