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"Loading Player" Browser Notification Prompt

Posted: April 1, 2019

What is the "Loading Player" Browser Notification Prompt?

Advertisements and notifications have become such a common thing that we almost certainly have to close a pop-up or two when we enter a website steadily, and we often do so instinctively, without paying much attention. With browser notifications, you also can be prompted into agreeing to see certain messages, even when your browser is shut. It comes as no eye-opener that the threat actors would try to abuse this function for monetary gains. People have reported stumbling upon a page that shows a loading circle and reads "Loading Player..." recently while the browser asks them to "Allow" or "Block" notifications from the website simultaneously.

Anyone who has visited pages with a built-in video player knows that they often have to allow the player to run in the browser through a pop-up window and do that without reading what the pop-up context is. This is the exact reason for the combination of the "loading screen" and the notification pop-up - to trick you into clicking without paying attention to what you agree to.

If you "allow" the notifications, you will begin to receive spam pop-ups on your desktop directly, even in the case that the browser is closed. The advertisements are usually for adult websites, unwanted programs, online browser games or fake software updates. Needless to say, this puts your computer's security at further risk from a variety of threats.

How did I End Up at this Page?

One of the ways that can lead you to end up at the "Loading Page" browser notification prompt is getting redirected to it from another website. If you do visit pages that do this, the best option is to close the browser without clicking anything else. In case you subscribe to the intrusive notifications accidentally, you should look for the Notifications tab in your browser's settings and delete any of the sites that you are subscribed to, but do not recognize. If this doesn't work and you continue to receive these notifications, your computer might have been infected with adware.