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CISA's Latest Initiative: Strengthening Cloud Security with SCuBA and ScubaGoggles

Posted: December 15, 2023

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CISA's Draft Guidance and Public Opinion Appeal

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), as part of its continuous effort to augment the cybersecurity framework nationwide, has unveiled draft guidance for federal agencies to integrate and operate Google Workspace services safely. Recognizing the increasing reliance of federal agencies on cloud-based platforms for their operations, CISA aims to provide clear direction for the correct and secure use of these tools.

The cybersecurity agency has made public draft baselines for Google Workspace (GSuite), providing the minimum security controls organizations should consider for establishing a secure environment. Federal agencies and other organizations have been urged to adopt and tailor these baseline configurations to their unique requirements to improve cybersecurity hygiene. The draft guidance showcases the agency's commitment to forge a collaborative approach with federal bodies to improve cybersecurity.

Invitation to Adopt and Customize the Draft Baselines

CISA encourages federal agencies to do more than just adopt these recommendations; it also wants them to customize the baselines to their needs. The document contains comprehensive guidance on security configurations, essential settings, and effective practices that should be instituted to enhance the safety of using GSuite services. The suggested baselines are currently open for internal piloting among agencies that plan to leverage Google Workspace services.

These guidelines are not intended to be a one-size-fits-all solution and have flexibility built into them. This means that agencies have the legroom to make necessary adjustments, ensuring the configurations gel well with their specific operational needs. Thus, the guidance can be seen as a starting point for organizations to build their unique, comprehensive cyber-defenses using Google Workspace services.

Call for Public Comments on GWS Baselines

An integral part of this process involves incorporating opinions and feedback into the final guidance document. To this end, CISA has opened the doors for public comments on the Google Workspace services draft baselines. This move has been taken to ensure that any relevant security enhancements can be identified from different perspectives and integrated into the final guidance.

Through this appeal for public opinion, CISA is leveraging collective wisdom, which could help to invite a wider array of suggestions. These comments are expected to be particularly beneficial in creating a more fortified cybersecurity framework, as they will come from diverse quarters with different experiences, expertise, and insights.

The ScubaGoggles Tool

Besides the draft guidance, CISA highlighted its ScubaGoggles tool, specifically engineered to enable agencies to perform regular audits of their Google Workspace configurations. Still in its beta stage, the tool allows organizations to inspect their configurations for any lack of parity with CISA's recommendations.

As a result, the ScubaGoggles tool is a valuable resource that bolsters the efficiencies of Google Workspace services while ensuring adherence to the recommended security baselines. This further underscores the agency's commitment to creating a collaborative and resilient cybersecurity landscape for federal agencies and other organizations.

Introduction Of Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA) and ScubaGoggles

The Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA) initiative, led by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), aims to allow organizations to leverage cloud services securely by establishing secure configuration baselines for different service platforms. As a part of this initiative, CISA has recently introduced secure configuration baselines for nine different Google Workspace (GWS) Services: Calendar, Chat, Common Controls, Classroom, Drive and Docs, Gmail, Groups for Business, Meet, and Sites.

These SCuBA baselines aim to provide adoptable recommendations that complement the specific needs and risk tolerance levels of each unique agency or organization. By establishing secure configurations from the beginning, SCuBA aims to help organizations protect their cloud-based operations from potential security threats. Furthermore, they serve as a roadmap for organizations to secure their operations effectively while providing flexibility for customization based on unique organizational requirements.

SCuBA's Secure Configuration Baselines for GWS Services

The secure configuration baselines introduced by CISA under the SCuBA initiative for Google Workspace services are designed to facilitate federal and other organizations' secure use of said services. They cover a wide range of services, from Calendar, Chat, Common Controls, and Classroom, to Drive and Docs, Gmail, Groups for Business, Meet, and Sites.

The baselines illustrate the minimum security requirements that these services should fulfill for a safer operational environment. They provide a framework ideal for agencies and other organizations to secure their use of Google Workspace services. The suggestions within these baselines allow organizations to build a secure environment where these services can be leveraged to their fullest potential while still ensuring high data security and protection from potential threats.

Release of the ScubaGoggles Assessment Tool

Alongside SCuBA's security configuration baselines, CISA released an assessment tool called ScubaGoggles. This tool has been innovatively constructed to help organizations verify their compliance with SCuBA's security configuration baselines.

ScubaGoggles offers a practical solution that allows organizations to regularly audit their Google Workspace environment. The tool checks the existing configurations of these services within the organization's environment and compares them with those recommended in the SCuBA baselines. This allows organizations to identify any discrepancies or areas of improvement, enabling them to maintain high security compliance within their cloud-based applications. Thus, ScubaGoggles is crucial in enabling organizations to uphold strong cybersecurity standards while using cloud-based services.

Impact of the Google Workspace Baselines

Creating secure configuration baselines for Google Workspace (GWS) under the Secure Cloud Business Applications (SCuBA) initiative marks a significant stride in cyber defense for federal agencies and organizations leveraging cloud-based solutions. These baselines' impact involves:

  • Reducing misconfigurations.
  • Bolstering cybersecurity resilience.
  • Increasing the safety of operations in the digital space.

Reduction of Misconfigurations

One of the most pressing challenges in cybersecurity is misconfigurations, often seen as low-hanging fruit for opportunistic cyber attackers. Here, the GWS baselines come in as an instrumental toolset designed to significantly trim down the potential for configuration errors in the first place.

The baselines provide a set of referential configurations that organizations should adopt to boost their security measures and reduce the instances of misconfigurations. They offer a guide on the minimum security requirements to be adhered to across a range of Google Workspace services. By adhering to these baselines, organizations can ensure that their Google Workspace environments are set up securely, nullifying the chances of any potential configuration lapses that can be easily exploited.

Boosting Cybersecurity Resilience

The GWS baselines also play a critical role in enhancing organizations' overall cybersecurity resilience. By supplying a consistent set of secure configurations for various Google services, they empower organizations to create a robust security infrastructure that can withstand and adapt to the evolving cyber threat landscape.

Furthermore, they help reinforce cyber resilience by providing organizations with a clear roadmap to configure their services securely, significantly reducing attack surface and vulnerabilities. This improvement in resilience can be vital in thwarting sophisticated cyber attacks and minimizing the potential impact of any breaches.

Finalization and Full Implementation of the GWS Baselines

The draft phase of the GWS baselines is an opportunity for stakeholders to submit their feedback and suggestions to CISA. The public comment period allows for a critical review of these baselines by different entities, ensuring a comprehensive and effective final set of guidelines. By integrating the feedback from diverse sectors, the finalized baselines are expected to effectively cater to broader audiences.

These GWS baselines will be prepared for a full roll-out upon final validation and incorporation of public comments. Their implementation is intended to be a considerable fiber in the broader fabric of nationwide cyber defense, proving instrumental in securing the operations of federal bodies and other organizations relying on Google Workspace services.

Solicitation of Federal Agencies' Support

In conjunction with releasing these baselines, CISA is seeking the aid of federal agencies in further refining these resources. The agency has called on these institutions to assist in validating and improving the automated implementation of the SCuBA baselines. This collaboration ensures that the baselines remain as effective and adaptable as possible, accommodating each agency's unique security requirements and risk tolerance levels.

The ongoing collaboration between CISA, federal agencies, and public bodies represents a collective and resilient approach to secure cloud computing. Developing, reviewing, and implementing secure configuration baselines for essential services like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace showcase CISA's commitment to bolstering cybersecurity infrastructure from an individual and collective standpoint.