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Creating and Customizing Contact Posters: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted: October 3, 2023

Introduction to Contact Posters

Contact Posters, a new addition in iOS 17, is a feature designed to personalize your iPhone experience, particularly related to incoming calls. It enables users to create customized images or 'posters' for specific contacts. So, when someone calls, you see a unique background that greatly enhances your iPhone screen's graphical appeal. The visually appealing Contact Posters add a personal touch and make the user experience more engaging and visually dynamic. This exciting feature comes after of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, where the tech giant announced iOS 17 and its impressive features.

NameDrop and Contact Poster Compatibility

In addition to the Contact Posters, iOS 17 brings many other tools to enrich your user experience. One of these noteworthy tools is NameDrop, a feature that allows you to seamlessly share contacts. The compatibility of NameDrop and Contact Posters on iOS 17 allows users to share their custom posters when sharing contact information. With these combined features, Apple aims to enhance user interactions, making digital communication more personalized, interactive, and enjoyable.

Creating a Personalized Contact Poster

Creating a Contact Poster in iOS 17 is a straightforward process. First, you'll need to open the Contacts app on your iPhone and select the contact you want to create a poster. After this, tap on the 'add photo' option and select the image you wish to use as the poster. Once you've selected your image, crop or adjust it as per your preference; next, you can add name overlay, emoji, or even Memoji to your poster. When you're happy with your design, tap 'done' to save your poster. The next time this person calls, your iPhone screen will light up with the personalized Contact Poster you've created.

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Contact Poster

While creating Contact Posters, play around with different color contrasts for names and emojis to ensure maximum visibility against your chosen background. Also, consider the part of the image hidden by the iPhone interface when a call comes in to ensure important elements of your poster are visible. From simple selfies to action shots, there's no limit to the kind of photos you can use to create your posters. The key is to be creative and reflective of the identity of the person whose poster you're making. Additionally, since Contact Posters works hand in hand with NameDrop, remember to update and share your posters as your design or preferences evolve.

Customization Options Available for Contact Poster

There are several ways to personalize your Contact Poster on iOS 17. Apple has provided four key elements that you can use: Camera, Photos, Memoji, and Monogram. You can create your poster using a new photo taken from the Camera or select an existing photo from your gallery by opting for the Photos option. The Memoji option lets you choose an existing or create a new Memoji or Animoji, while the Monogram feature allows you to create a simpler design featuring your name and initials. Each of these options allows you to create a poster that is truly unique and representative of your contact's personality or your relationship with them.

Configuring a Photo Poster

Creating a photo poster can jazz up incoming calls with images that resonate with you. To make a photographic Contact Poster, firstly, tap "Add Photo." Then, you have two options: tap on 'Camera' to capture a new photo or tap 'Photos' to pick an existing photo from your gallery.

Once you have selected your desired photo, use two fingers to zoom in, pan, or crop the photo until it fits your preference. You can swipe left or right to sift through various filters as you edit your poster. This allows you to set an aesthetic tone for your poster. You can even tap your name to adjust the font's style, boldness, and color to make sure it complements your chosen photo.

When you're satisfied with your creation, tap 'Done.' Now, whenever your contact initiates a call, you will be greeted with the customized Contact Poster.

Creating a Memoji Contact Poster

Memojis are a creative and fun way to make your Contact Posters look even more personalized. After selecting the '+' button and choosing the Memoji option, you can pick an existing Memoji or create a new one. After selecting your Memoji, you can further customize your poster by selecting your preferred font, styling, and color combinations. Once you are satisfied with the end product, the Memoji poster can be saved, and it will be displayed every time the specific contact gives you a call.

Creating a Monogram Contact Poster

The Monogram Contact Poster might be the perfect choice if minimalist aesthetics appeal to you or your contact. To use this option, click the '+' button, then select 'Monogram.' You will now be presented with a simplistic poster featuring the contact's initials. Similar to the other Poster types, you can customize the font choice, style, and colors to cater to your preferences.

Limitations and Possible Improvements Needed

Despite the novelty and personalization factor that the iOS 17 Contact Poster feature offers, there may be certain limitations that Apple could consider improving in future iterations. For instance, the posters you create are only visible when you receive a call from the chosen contact. It would be a significant upgrade if these posters could also be shared with the contacts themselves or synced across other devices.

Also, while the personalization options are commendable, it might further improve the user experience if there were additional customization features. More options in filters, poster layouts, or additional image editing tools could increase the visual appeal and personalization of the contact posters.

Usage of Contact Posters

Contact Posters in iOS 17 primarily appear during incoming calls. When someone with a specific poster assigned gives you a call, instead of seeing a small thumbnail, the poster you created will display fully on your screen - not just making the experience more visually appealing but also allowing you to immediately identify the caller in a more personal way.

When and Where Contact Posters Appear

Contact Posters are most noticeable when you receive a call from another iOS 17 user whom you've created a poster for. By default, the poster is displayed in full screen, replacing the erstwhile small thumbnail. Contact Posters can turn a plain call into an aesthetically pleasing interaction, making it possible for users to identify callers even before reading their names.

How to Share Contact Info Using Contact Posters

With the iOS 17 update, Contact Posters and NameDrop come together to provide an improved, visually engaging communication experience. NameDrop is a feature developed by Apple designed to enable effortless exchange of contact information across Apple devices using Bluetooth technology. Notably, when sharing contacts, each person's Contact Poster is showcased as a visual representation of their identity, adding a personal touch to the process.

Overview of iOS 17 Features, Including Contact Posters

The introduction of iOS 17 has brought a multitude of new features to enhance user experience. Contact Posters stand out among these due to their unique functionality of allowing users to customize how contact information appears on their screens. With Contact Posters, users can enjoy a more personalized and visually appealing overview of who's calling them.

The public beta version of iOS 17 is already available, and anyone with a compatible iPhone can download and experience these new offerings firsthand. In addition to Contact Posters, users can look forward to other enhancements like NameDrop and the Check-In feature. Overall, iOS 17 promises to bring a new level of convenience and customization to iPhone users.