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Discover the Latest Features of Apple's Updated Operating System

Posted: October 3, 2023

New Feature Highlights

macOS Sonoma comes packed with many new features that users can look forward to. One of the most exciting additions is the Aerial Screensavers, offering stunning visuals to your desktop while idle. Widgets have been added to the desktop, allowing quick access to essential tools and information. Video effects have been improved, lighting up your video calls with new filters and features. And not to be forgotten, Safari has received enhancements to make your internet browsing a more streamlined experience.

Widgets and Aerial Screensavers

Apple's new macOS Sonoma allows users to fully harness the power of widgets and aerial screensavers. You can configure the Aerial Screensavers to your liking, including a shuffle feature to switch between different scenes. Interactive widgets can be placed and edited on the desktop, providing greater accessibility and information access at your fingertips.

Configuring Aerial Screensavers

macOS Sonoma lets you customize the Aerial Screensavers to your specific tastes. This gives your desktop a fresh, dynamic feel whenever you interact with your machine.

Placing and Editing Widgets on the Desktop

Widgets are more versatile in macOS Sonoma, with the ability to place and edit them directly on your desktop. This makes it easier to access the functions and information you need.

Video Effects and Safari Enhancements

The new macOS has impressive new video call effects, including a hands-free reaction feature and a center-stage setting for more engaging discussions. The Overlaid Face feature helps users in screen presentations. Additionally, Safari has undergone key upgrades, enabling the creation of browsing profiles and the conversion of websites into Dock Apps. New privacy and tab managing features also make online navigation even more efficient and secure.

System and Convenience Features

The macOS Sonoma system comes equipped with several convenience features, such as the ability to name pets in the Photos App, sort grocery lists in Reminders, share AirTags, and download maps for offline use. Users can also enjoy daily puzzles in Apple News+, new formatting options in Notes, and an enhanced autocorrect and predictive text system for improved typing.

AirPods Features

macOS Sonoma also brings new AirPods features like adaptive audio and muting for a more controlled and personalized listening experience. Automatic switching between devices makes it easier to manage your audio content, making macOS Sonoma a must-have upgrade for all Apple users.