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What to Expect from iOS 17: New Phone Features, FaceTime Updates, and iMessage Enhancements

Posted: October 6, 2023

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iOS 17 Release

The exciting new version of Apple's operating system, iOS 17, was released recently and is now available for all iPhone users. Apple has indeed rolled out iOS 17, packed with several new features, upgrades, and improvements for iPhone users.

Availability of iOS 17

iOS 17 is currently available to download on all eligible devices. Users can simply visit the 'Software Update' section of their device's settings to begin the update process. If your device is eligible for the upgrade, you will see the iOS 17 update listed there, and with a simple tap, you can initiate the download and installation process.

Steps to Update to iOS 17

Updating your device is straightforward. Visit the 'Settings' on your iPhone, tap on 'General,' and move on to 'Software Update'. It is where you'll see the prompt for the iOS 17 update if your device is eligible. To ensure your device is connected to WiFi, tap 'Download and Install.' Enter your passcode if prompted, and the process will begin. The update requires some time, so initiating it when your device is not needed for immediate use is recommended.

Expected Time For Upgrading

The time that the iOS 17 update takes can vary significantly based on factors such as your Internet speed and the model of your device. However, on average, users can expect the update process to take about 30 minutes to complete. During this time, your device may restart, and you should ensure it remains connected to WiFi. Having your device plugged into a power source during the update is always good practice to prevent it from being interrupted due to a low battery.

New Phone Features

Apple's iOS 17 is full of innovative updates, significantly improving the functionality and usability of the Phone app. The new features add unprecedented customization options to the user interface and substantially update voicemail management capabilities.

Voicemail With Live Transcription

A noteworthy new feature is Live Voicemail, which revolutionizes your telephone experience. This feature transcribes voicemails in real-time as the caller is recording them. Just as a call comes in, you can tap the voicemail button, and if the caller leaves a voicemail, you can see the transcription unfolding live on your screen.

It is a particularly useful feature as it allows users to screen calls, helping to identify spam or unnecessary calls. Even while the transcription occurs, users can swipe and respond to the call if it is essential. This massive upgrade has added a new dimension to the traditional voicemail service.

Restrictions On the Live Voicemail Availability

Although the Live Voicemail feature is a major step forward in the ease and efficiency of call management, it should be noted that its availability is restricted at launch. Initially, this feature will only be available to United States and Canada users. It is presumably due to the requirement of support by cellular carriers. Users in other regions may have to wait until the service is expanded to their locations.

Updates to FaceTime

Apple's iOS 17 introduces several transformative features to its FaceTime app, enhancing the user experience in many ways. From the ability to record and send video messages to adding creative 3D effects to video calls, plenty of new elements exist to explore and utilize.

Option to Leave a Video Message

If you miss a call or need to document and share an important moment when the recipient is unavailable, iOS 17 allows users to record and leave a video message. This new feature creates a more visually engaging and interactive user experience, making missed calls less disappointing.

Steps to Record and Send a Video Message

Recording and sending a video message on FaceTime is a simple process. If you call someone and they don't pick up, you can record a video message. Simply tap the record option, and the front camera will begin recording. You can then deliver your message and once finished, you can end the recording. After reviewing the video message, you can send it to the intended recipient.

This new way of leaving a video message, instead of a simple voice message, makes communication on FaceTime more personal, flexible, and expressive.

Additional Use of Cutouts From Photos as Stickers

With the Live Stickers feature, users can transform live photos into usable stickers within the iMessage app. Users can take a live photo, and the app will automatically remove the photo's background and convert the looping moving image into a sticker. These personalized stickers can be stored in the Stickers library, making them readily accessible for future use. This feature adds an element of fun to conversations and allows users to get creative in their interactions.

The Check-In Feature for Safety

Regarding safety measures, iOS 17 introduces the Check-In feature in iMessage, designed to inform friends and family about your location. This feature can track your progress to a destination, allowing people in your contacts to receive updates about your location and arrival status. Moreover, if a user ceases to progress towards their destination unexpectedly, Check-In will promptly notify relevant contacts about the change in the progress. This proactive feature greatly enhances user safety and provides peace of mind to loved ones.

Other Minor Improvements to iMessage

In addition to these influential upgrades, iOS 17 also brings minor improvements to enhance the overall user experience. The Message app now features new search filters, making it easier to locate old messages. A new menu design prioritizes your most frequently used and favorite Message apps and widgets. The Catch-Up feature is another addition, aiming to make staying updated with group chats easier by taking users to the last message they read, not the most recent.