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How to Reduce Battery Usage on Mac

Posted: April 5, 2021

Apple optimized tend to be very optimized when it comes to comparing performance and battery life, but many users still hope to make their laptop's battery last just a little bit longer. If you are also looking to extend the battery life of your Apple laptop, then here are some tips on how to reduce battery usage:

Unplug Unnecessary Peripherals

While USB devices do not consume a lot of power, they can still have a negative impact on battery life, especially if they are large in numbers. For example, you should disconnect the USB hub, external Web camera, external hard drive, external microphone, or other peripherals that you do not need. This also applies to your phone – charging it through your laptop's port will drain the battery.

Eliminate Unnecessary Processes

Having applications run in the background will cause RAM and CPU to be used, therefore leading to more power being used. You should immediately close all applications that you no longer need to use. In addition to this, we advise you to optimize the macOS startup items by:

  1. Go to the Apple Menu -> System Preferences.
  2. Select User & Groups -> Login Items.
  3. Turn off the software that you do not want to automatically start with macOS.

Check for Malware

Malware does not necessarily need to be destructive, and it may often work in the background without alerting you about its presence. You should invest in reputable macOS security software to keep suspicious software away from your computer at all times.

Disable Bluetooth While the Laptop Sleeps

Using a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse means that you can use them to wake up your laptop while it is sleeping. While this is convenient, it also means that the Bluetooth service will keep working in the background at all times, draining the battery. To disable this feature, you can:

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Bluetooth.
  2. SelectAdvanced, and disable 'Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer.'