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How to Uninstall Hola VPN

Posted: February 19, 2021

Hola VPN, also known as Hola Better Internet, is a piece of software, which may run on your computer as a standalone program, or as a browser, add-on. The Hola VPN is advertised as a tool to bypass country restrictions on the Internet and view content that would for some reason be unavailable in your country. While this service maintains a relatively positive reputation, it was criticized by users in 2015 heavily, when it was discovered that users of the Hola VPN had their connections used by other Hola VPN users without their knowledge. This is a major security concern, as it would allow other users to access illicit content under the disguise of your IP address. Nowadays, Hola VPN has supposedly put this behavior in the past.

If you are looking to remove the Hola VPN from your macOS and Windows system, then you need to follow these instructions:

Uninstalling Hola VPN on Windows

Open the 'Start Menu' and go to 'Applications.' Select the 'Applications and Features' tab, and then find 'Hola VPN' or 'Hola Better Internet' in the list on the right. Select the entry you wish to remove and press 'Uninstall.' Follow the instructions on your screen.

We also recommend checking your Web browser for the presence of the Hola VPN extension:

  • Google Chrome –Go to Tools -> Extensions and remove 'Hola VPN.'
  • Mozilla Firefox –press 'Shift + Control +A,' find 'Hola VPN' and select 'Disable or Remove.'
  • Safari– Go to Preferences -> Extensions and select 'Uninstall' next to 'Hola VPN.'

Uninstalling Hola VPN on macOS

macOS users should have an easier time removing Hola VPN's core components. They need to head to Finder -> Applications and drag 'Hola VPN' to the trash. It is also recommended to use the bullet points above to check your favorite browser for the presence of the Hola VPN extension.