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Infographic Validates How App Security Should be a Major Concern for Parents

Posted: June 3, 2013

Did you know 7 out of 10 children use tables or smart mobile devices on average of 5 days a week? When it comes to the parents of the kids utilizing apps, there is a slight disconnect in reference to app security, and how safe the kids are using certain apps.

Security for apps used by kids is somewhat of a mystery for a large number of parents. Some apps collect personal information and others may process money from a parent's account even if the app is initially free. There are many uncertainties when it comes to kids using apps now days which are covered in the infographic below from Veracode.com.

The Veracode infographic 'Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security' is a gateway into the startling statistics of the major force that has been moving forwards for years as more and more kids utilize mobile device apps.

Not only is the number of kids using mobile apps exploding, but the proper education and knowledge of what information is being transmitted on some of these kid-targeted apps is seriously lacking on the part of parents. With over 25 billion apps collectively downloaded since 2011 on devices that run mobile apps, you never know what security gap is exploited among such a vast population of apps.

The dangers of mobile apps are never really explored until it is too late. The infographic below provides parents of any situation to obtain several tips on how to avoid mishaps leading to loss of money, vulgar or questionable content, and privacy breaches potentially leading to identity theft.

Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security Infographic - Source: Veracode.com
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