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Introducing the New Roadside Assistance Feature for iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 Series

Posted: October 4, 2023

Overview of the Roadside Assistance Feature

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 14, released by Apple, are equipped with an innovative feature known as ''Roadside Assistance via Satellite''. This feature is designed to ensure the safety of users, especially those who might find themselves stranded in remote locations with no access to traditional cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. This life-saving feature allows users to request assistance for their car or truck despite being off the grid.

Effectiveness of Roadside Assistance via Satellite

This feature could be a potential game-changer for users who often venture off the beaten path or find themselves in remote locations. It offers a significant sense of security, knowing that access to help is just a few simple steps away via their iPhone, without traditional means of communication.

Demonstration by Apple Support

Apple has released a video to show users how to effectively use the ''Roadside Assistance via Satellite'Satellite' feature. The video, available online, goes through the steps that users need to follow to request help successfully when outside cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. Through this video demonstration, Apple aims to guide users in correctly utilizing this feature to ensure their safety in times of emergency.

Apple Support and User Feedback

Apple values user feedback and comments on the new feature and encourages discussion regarding its use and application. For further details, users are directed to Apple's website, which has comprehensive information about this new feature and other iPhone features. With its commitment to innovation and user safety, Apple continues its strive to deliver practical technology solutions in everyday scenarios.

Requirement for Satellite-Based Roadside Assistance

Access to roadside assistance is crucial in situations like running out of gas, getting a flat tire, or locking your keys in the car. Although minor in urban areas with good cellular coverage, these non-emergency inconveniences can quickly escalate into problematic situations in remote locations where standard cellular-wireless coverage is unavailable.

Application of Roadside Assistance via Satellite in Remote Areas

This is where Apple's Roadside Assistance via Satellite steps in. Designed to operate via low-Earth orbit satellites, this new feature enables users stranded in remote locations without a typical network connection to request help from roadside assistance providers like AAA. Users are guided to fill out a short questionnaire detailing their car trouble on activating this feature, which is then transmitted to AAA. The organization can communicate directly with the user to provide much-needed help.

How to Access Roadside Assistance via Satellite

Users wanting to utilize the Roadside Assistance via Satellite feature would need to be in a location without cellular coverage. The procedure involves launching the Messages app on the iPhone and typing "Roadside" in the contact field to bring up the Roadside Assistance via the Satellite option.

Procedure to Activate Roadside Assistance via Satellite

Upon selecting this option, a prompt appears, allowing users to define the problem faced, such as being locked out, running out of fuel or battery, or suffering a flat tire. Apple realizes that not all users might know how to type "Roadside" in Messages, so the company has provided a fallback. Suppose an attempted 911 call doesn't connect due to inadequate coverage. In that case, the iPhone will display an option to send a text message to emergency services or a roadside assistance provider via satellite. Apple constantly continues to ensure user safety and convenience even in the direst of circumstances.

Functioning of the Roadside Assistance Feature

The Roadside Assistance via Satellite feature has been designed by Apple to ensure easy and effective communication with roadside assistance providers like AAA in areas with inadequate cellular coverage. The feature uses satellites in low-Earth orbit, providing users with a reliable way to request assistance remotely.

Contacting AAA via Satellites

Upon activating the feature, users can contact AAA directly via satellites. The feature guides users through a short questionnaire that prompts them to input necessary details concerning their situation. This approach ensures AAA receives a well-rounded understanding of the user's circumstance, enabling them to provide appropriate and timely help.

Transmitting Important Information to AAA

The short questionnaire designed by Apple collects the important details of the user's predicament, thus allowing AAA to identify the necessary help. Once the user has completed the questionnaire, the Roadside Assistance via Satellite feature transmits the information directly to AAA.

Direct Messaging with AAA for Assistance

After receiving the user's information, AAA can directly message the user to affirm the help on its way and provide helpful instructions or reassurances, as required. This direct communication with AAA offers the users a sense of reliability and assurance that help is on its way, thus significantly reducing the panic or fear they might experience when stranded in remote areas.

Inclusion of the Roadside Assistance Feature

The Roadside Assistance via Satellite service will be an accessible feature for all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 users running on iOS 17 or later in the United States. This service is extended to international travelers visiting the US. The feature will be free for two years for these iPhone users and will continue to be free for AAA members, making it a vital tool for personal safety and convenience.

Future of Roadside Assistance Feature

Apple has not yet announced its plans for pricing after the original two-year deal ends near the end of 2024. However, a payment of some sort to AAA will be required for roadside assistance. As stated by Apple in its support article, pricing information will be communicated to users before help is sent. This transparent approach ensures users are well informed before any service is dispatched.

Additional Resources on Apple'sApple's Support Website

Apple's Support website provides users extensive information on how to effectively leverage Roadside Assistance via the Satellite feature. It hosts a detailed user guide and a range of resources, including the Apple Support video, which provides a comprehensive overview of how to use the service.

Emergency SOS via Satellite

Apart from the convenient Roadside Assistance feature, Apple has also developed the Emergency SOS via Satellite service, which has already saved lives in dire situations like the Maui wildfires and Alaskan snowstorms. This service adds another layer of safety measures for iPhone users, particularly those in remote or high-risk locations.