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Keep Your AirTag Updated with the Latest Firmware Version 2.0.61

Posted: November 12, 2023

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Apple periodically releases firmware updates for its tracking device, the AirTag, to enhance its functionality and performance. 

Lack of Control in the Update Process

Apple does not provide manual update mechanisms for AirTag firmware. The issuance and installment of updates are automatic, leaving users with no personal control over the update process. The updates are spontaneously applied with no fixed schedule. In addition, Apple does not provide release notes for these updates. As a result, users are often in the dark about the new firmware's changes, fixes, and improvements.

Importance of Keeping AirTags Up-to-Date

Despite the lack of transparency in the update process, keeping your AirTag devices updated is essential. Every new firmware version brings potential fixes for known issues, performance improvements, and new features. Even though Apple does not regularly update the AirTag nor detail the contents of these updates, users should understand that the firmware updates are still crucial for the optimal functioning of their tracking devices.

Understanding the Update Process

The firmware update process for Apple's AirTags differs substantially from the traditional downloading and installing updates manually. Due to Apple's unique approach, understanding how this process works can save users frustration and provide clarity in ensuring their devices remain updated.

No Way to Manually Start a Firmware Update

It's important to know that no option or method is available to manually trigger a firmware update on the AirTag. The nature of the update is completely automatic, managed internally by Apple's system. Users cannot access an update menu or any settings to manage the download process. Therefore, patience becomes a key virtue while waiting for the new firmware to be installed.

The Requirement to Put the AirTag Near Its Paired iPhone

The only definitive action users can take to facilitate the update process is to keep the AirTag close to the iPhone it's paired with. This means the AirTag needs to be taken out from where it's usually kept, such as inside a bag or wallet, and placed near the iPhone. Closer proximity than just being in the same house or apartment seems to be the critical factor. However, how close in proximity they need to be for the update to initiate is still unclear.

Unavailability of Any Method to Speed Up the Process

Despite the desire and attempts of many users over the years, no one has so far been able to find a way to expedite the AirTag firmware update process, just like with AirPods. There is no known trick or hack to make the update install faster on the device. This is another aspect of the AirTag update process where users need patience, as the firmware update can take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Checking the Firmware Version of Your AirTag

Apple offers a straightforward way for users to check AirTag's firmware version. Despite the automatic nature of the update process, this feature enables users to keep track of their device's firmware status.

Steps to Check AirTag's Firmware Version via 'Find My' Application

Checking the firmware version of an AirTag involves a simple process within the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad. After opening the app, go to the 'Items' tab and select the desired AirTag from the list of devices. Finally, tap the battery icon underneath the name of the AirTag. This will reveal the AirTag's serial number and current firmware version.

Current Obsolete AirTag Firmware Versions

Periodically checking your AirTag's firmware version is crucial due to the frequency of Apple's updates. If your tracker is still running on version 2.0.24 or 2.0.36, it is due for an update. Keeping your firmware version up-to-date ensures optimal performance and access to new features or improvements.

Importance of Regularly Checking for Updates to Maintain Device's Efficiency

Even though users cannot manually trigger firmware updates, regular checks enable users to know when their device has been updated. This allows for proactive steps, such as placing the AirTag near its paired iPhone, to encourage the installation of waiting updates and maintain the device's full efficiency.

The History of AirTag's Firmware Updates

The firmware within Apple's AirTags has undergone multiple updates since its launch, all aimed at refining its functionality or addressing identified issues.

Initial Version 1.0.225

At its debut, the AirTag was running on firmware version 1.0.225. This foundational software set the groundwork for the device's performance and established the baseline upon which all subsequent updates have been built.

Past Updates and Their Purposes

Since the initial version, there have been several firmware updates, each bringing enhancements to the AirTags. These have included features such as changes to the audible alarm to make AirTags harder for people to use in stalking scenarios.

2023 Update: Version 2.0.61

The most recent update at the time of writing this is version 2.0.61. This update is currently rolling out gradually across all AirTags. Though specific details on what changes this update brings haven't been disclosed, updates often involve performance improvements and bug fixes to deliver an improved user experience.