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Bad Toolbars are malicious toolbars that secretly install without the computer user’s permission or knowledge. A bad toolbar, or malware toolbar, may come packaged with other unwanted programs. Bad Toolbars can either track every action an Internet user does online to display irritating advertisements or serve as a portal for malicious software. Although there are legitimate toolbars designed to enhance a Web browser’s functionality, there are seedy toolbars that camouflage themselves as honest-looking toolbars and perform harmful functions on a PC.

Bad toolbars often install themselves when Internet users click malware-laced pop-up advertisements or through a driver-by installation. Malicious toolbars track your Internet activities and send all the data collected to a special third-party web server. Some of the issues that malicious toolbars can cause on your computer include display annoying pop-up advertisements, change the default homepage of the web browser, adversely affect your computer’s performance, and hijack your web browser and redirect to random websites other than the one you typed into your web browser.

Is Your PC Infected with Bad Toolbars?

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There are currently 259 bad toolbars program(s) in our database.

Name Date
4loot Toolbar November 20, 2013
AAdvantage eShopping Toolbar October 7, 2011
Adware.Shopping4Causes April 23, 2013
Allin1Convert Toolbar September 9, 2013
AllMyWeb Toolbar April 22, 2014
Alnaddy Toolbar October 19, 2012
ALOT Appbar August 17, 2011
Ant.com ToolBar August 26, 2010
Anywhere.me Toolbar July 3, 2013
Appbario toolbar February 5, 2013
Appmarket Search (Appmarket Toolbar) January 22, 2014
Audio To Audio Toolbar February 5, 2014
BearShare Toolbar May 12, 2011
BeFrugal Toolbar October 4, 2013
Bellsouth Toolbar October 29, 2010
Bflix Toolbar May 9, 2012
Blingee Plus Toolbar August 11, 2010
BlueSprig Toolbar August 29, 2014
Brand Thunder June 20, 2011
browseraccelerator July 24, 2009
BrowserPlus2 Toolbar October 28, 2013
BS.player.toolbar August 27, 2013
BuenoSearch Toolbar October 22, 2013
ButterflyField Toolbar April 10, 2014
CalendarSpark Toolbar April 6, 2016
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