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A botnet is a group of computers compromised with the intention of instructing them to perform malicious actions. Botnets are usually controlled through a network protocol, such as an IRC (Internet Relay Chat), via the Internet. Systems compromised as part of a botnet run malicious software that may exploit vulnerabilities or download additional malware such as Trojans. A command-and-control server (C&C) is often used to host instructions that are directed to the botnet group of computers to initiate updates and new commands. A botnet could essentially be instructed to flood Internet users with spam or even spread malicious software.

Botnets were originated as a legitimate tool used to perform tasks in an IRC channel when the user was occupied with other responsibilities. Malicious botnets are in abundance nowadays, consisting of over millions of compromised computers for a single botnet network.

A botnet controller (“bot master” or “bot herder”), known as the originator of the botnet, can remotely control a group of computers taken hostage by malware. Additionally, the command-and-control server may send automated updates, instructions and even port malware to the botnet computers. Once a system is compromised and becomes a part of a botnet, the computer user must remove the malware or bot software to restore the system to its normal operation.

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There are currently 75 botnets program(s) in our database.

Name Date
Advanced Power Botnet December 19, 2013
AESDDoS Botnet April 29, 2019
Ares Botnet September 2, 2019
Avalanche Botnet April 11, 2019
Dark_nexus Botnet April 8, 2020
DDG Botnet April 10, 2020
Demonbot October 5, 2020
DoubleGuns Botnet June 1, 2020
Dreambot May 4, 2020
DreamBus Botnet January 25, 2021
Echobot June 14, 2019
Fbot January 23, 2020
FritzFrog August 20, 2020
Gamut Botnet May 28, 2020
Geost Botnet October 3, 2019
GiftGhostBot October 9, 2020
Gitpaste-12 Botnet November 10, 2020
GoldBrute June 11, 2019
Gucci Botnet October 1, 2019
Gwmndy Botnet August 6, 2019
HEH Botnet October 22, 2020
Hoaxcalls Botnet April 23, 2020
Ice IX October 9, 2020
iWorm December 3, 2019
Jaku Botnet May 5, 2016
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