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Rogue Defragmenter Programs

Rogue defragmenter programs are applications designed to mimic optimization programs or legitimate hard drive defragment tools. Rogue defragmenter programs use extortion tactics to get computer users to purchase a full version of the rogue defragment program in hopes of ridding supposedly detected hard drive errors or system memory issues. The extortion tactics rendered from rogue defragmenter programs usually come in the form of various fabricated error messages or annoying popup notifications.

Rogue Defragment programs, if purchased, could surrender credit card information to the creators thus making unauthorized charges. Rogue defragmenter programs may be difficult to identify due to the similar interfaces to that of legitimate hard drive defragmenter programs and even trusted PC performance enhancing tools. Rogue defragmenter programs may also be difficult and risky to manually remove.

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There are currently 26 rogue defragmenter programs program(s) in our database.

Name Date
Data Recovery September 14, 2011
Data Restore September 28, 2011
Fake HDD January 26, 2011
File Integrity Checker February 21, 2012
File Recovery July 12, 2012
File Repair August 13, 2011
File Rescue October 25, 2012
File Restore October 16, 2012
Master Utilities September 1, 2011
PC Repair August 27, 2011
Rogue Defragmenter Program.QA May 11, 2023
System Check December 30, 2011
System Fix November 14, 2011
System Recovery September 3, 2011
System Repair July 13, 2011
Win 7 Home System Repair July 16, 2011
Windows 7 System Repair July 16, 2011
Windows Error Recovery September 26, 2011
Windows Fix November 22, 2011
Windows Startup Repair August 8, 2011
Windows Vista Fix July 8, 2011
Windows Vista Home System Repair July 16, 2011
Windows Vista System Repair August 9, 2011
Windows XP System Repair August 9, 2011
XP Home System Repair July 16, 2011
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