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Rootkits are infections that contain a program or a group of programs usually programmed to go undetected in order to take control of a computer. In some cases, a rootkit may come in the form of a Trojan presented in a way that makes computer users believe that it is a safe program to execute or run. Rootkits were originally designed to be programs that have the ability to take control or gain access of a failing system. Hackers can take a legitimate rootkit and turn it into malware that can potentially take over a system where it will execute undetected malicious or illegal actions.

A Rootkit was originally a legitimate application designed to take control of an unresponsive or failing system. Hackers have taken the rootkit’s undetected access capabilities to spread malware. A rootkit such as Rootkit.Gen has the ability to hide connections, files and process. When used for malicious intent a hacker is able to submit commands that ultimately control the functions of a computer where it may be used for illegal actions or to simply spread malicious files or programs. Rootkits are known to affect many types of computers including ones running Windows, Mac OS and even Linux.

Rootkits can go undetected by many antivirus or security applications. It is importation to utilize a tool that is designed to detect and remove rootkits so that you are able to identify the infected files. A rootkit can be successfully removed if the proper actions are taken.

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There are currently 93 rootkits program(s) in our database.

Name Date
Agent.BVCO July 24, 2009
Agent.gmj July 24, 2009
Agent.kqq July 24, 2009
Agent.sd5 July 24, 2009
Avatar Rootkit May 2, 2013
BackDoor-Spyeye!rootkit February 15, 2010
BDS/ZAccess.AL October 25, 2012
BDS/ZAccess.V August 23, 2012
BlackEnergy July 4, 2014
CEIDPageLock August 31, 2018
Crisis August 22, 2012
DOS/Rovnix.W September 1, 2014
Gen.Rootkit December 9, 2010
Generic Rootkit.ej March 2, 2010
Hack Tool.HOC October 1, 2010
LoJax October 8, 2018
Mal/FakeVirPk-B January 5, 2010
Mal/ZAccess-D December 12, 2011
MBR:Alureon-K [Rtk] December 2, 2011
MBR:Alureon-L December 20, 2012
MosaicRegressor October 6, 2020
NTOSKRNL-HOOK July 22, 2009
Phase Bot January 13, 2015
Podnuha!sd6 August 4, 2009
Rootkit Win32.tdss.mbr November 10, 2010
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