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'0800-015-4654' Pop-Ups

Posted: September 27, 2016

The '0800-015-4654' pop-ups are corrupted messages that may impair a Web browser completely by preventing users from accessing any of their tabs, bookmarks or browser tools. The appearance of these pop-ups may often come as a complete surprise, because they might get to your Web browser either via threatening software or when you visit a low-quality website that promotes the '0800-015-4654' pop-ups. Some of the pages that may host these pop-ups are rockno20.xyz, rockno19.xyz, rockno21.xyz, rockno15.xyz and rockno18.xyz, but users do not have to visit these Web pages directly to see the '0800-015-4654' pop-ups. Often, they might be redirected there by a low-quality or compromised website or with the help of dubious software that was installed on their computers previously.

The '0800-015-4654' pop-ups resemble a Windows Blue Screen of Death, and also feature a pop-up window that asks users to input a username and password, which they can get by calling 0800-015-4654. The pop-up also advises them to call 0800-015-4654 if they need technical support assistance, and if they want to get rid of the Blue Screen of Death that is causing them trouble. However, this is all a well-crafted tactic whose purpose is to convince people that their computers' health and stability are in danger, and the only way to resolve the issue is to hire the services of professional computer experts.

Although 0800-015-4654 is advertised as a toll-free number in the pop-ups, calling it may apply some charges. Furthermore, contacting the people behind 0800-015-4654 will not lead to anything good since their only goal is to convince computer users to give them money or payment information. Often, tactics like the one linked to the '0800-015-4654' pop-ups may be used to sell fake technical support services or low-quality software packages.

Coming across the '0800-015-4654' pop-ups for the first time may seem scary, but you must keep your composure and remember that Web browser pop-ups can never provide you with trustworthy information regarding your computer's health and performance. All Web browser messages that claim to be able to do this are probably fake, and they must not be trusted under any circumstances. If you are regularly exposed to the '0800-015-4654' pop-ups when you launch your Web browser, then you must run an anti-malware scanner to ensure that the issue is not caused by any software running on your computer.