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'0-800-046-5264' Pop-Ups

Posted: December 13, 2017

The '0-800-046-5264' pop-ups are part of an online technical support tactic, which aims to convince users that their computers' product key has expired, and they need to either confirm or renew it to continue using their PCs. To make these pop-ups appear more trustworthy, the cybercrooks have hosted them on a website, which mimics the Windows 'System Information' tab, and is branded with the Microsoft Windows logo. However, you can rest assured that you will not see this information in your Web browser, and websites that claim to contain information regarding Windows issues, threats, or expired product keys are certainly not a trustworthy source of information.

The '0-800-046-5264' pop-ups tell potential victims that they need to renew and confirm their product key by contacting '0-800-046-5264,' a phone number, which is supposedly operated by a certified team of Microsoft computer technicians. Sadly, this is not true, and the only people who are responsible for this number are experienced con artists who will not hesitate to take money and information of all of their victims.

Seeing these pop-ups in your Web browser also is likely to be accompanied by annoying side effects such as being unable to access other tabs or load another website. This might happen because the sites that host these pop-ups use special bits of JavaScript whose purpose is to prevent visitors from having full control over their Web browser. The good news is that while annoying, this is not harmful and it will not have any long-term consequences for you. Please remember that if you encounter the '0-800-046-5264' pop-ups in your Web browser, you should ignore their contents and close the tab that contains them.