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'0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups

Posted: December 21, 2016

Protectionscan.xyz is a malicious website that serves the purpose of delivering misleading pop-ups to the web browsers of its visitors. An example for such messages are the '0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups which tell users that their computer's IP address has been infected with Trojans, and that their screen was locked because of error code '0x44578'. The message is displayed on a red background with a white font which imitates some of the warning screens used by the legitimate security features of web browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. However, the authors of '0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups have made some mistakes that make it possible for users to recognize that they are being targeted by scam artists. For example, there are multiple grammar mistakes in the message seen in the pop-up, and you can rest assured that reputable companies would never allow such content to be associated with their name.

By now you may be wondering why some scammer would come up with fake pop-ups that aim to convince users into thinking that their computer has been infected by malware. Usually, scammers use tricks like the '0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups for a few reasons:

  • They can help them promote fake technical support services that demand hundreds of dollars from users in exchange for help.
  • They may attempt to sell overpriced software suites that don't work as promised. Bolder scammers may even use messages like the '0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups to propagate malicious software.
  • The scammers may demand remote access to the victim's computer, and then password-lock in order to convince users that this was caused by malware. Then, they may offer to 'fix the issue' for a small fee.

You should keep in mind that you see '0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups in your web browser does not necessarily mean that this symptom is associated with a malware infection. Often, pop-ups of this type may be distributed with the assistance of low-quality websites and malvertising campaigns that are usually associated with unreliable and unreputable web pages. In short, this means that seeing the '0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups in your web browser usually means that you were browsing websites associated with adult content, pirated software, or other suspicious online activities. We assure you that the information seen in '0800-090-3829' Pop-Ups is 100% fake, and there is nothing to worry about when it comes to your computer's health and safety.

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