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'0-800-090-3853' Pop-Ups

Posted: January 18, 2017

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 16
First Seen: January 18, 2017
Last Seen: November 28, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The people involved in the promotion of fraudulent technical support services often rely on misleading browser pop-ups and pages to convince users that their computers are infected with threats, or there have been numerous problems detected on their computer's hardware and software. Often, these pop-ups may feature a phone number that is advertised as a helpdesk operated by certified Microsoft experts. This is exactly the case with the '0-800-090-3853' pop-ups, corrupted browser messages telling users that their computers' performance and security may be impaired by 'Error # SL9DW61,' and it is in their best interest to resolve the pending issue as soon as possible.

The '0-800-090-3853' pop-ups warn users that their information, Facebook login, e-mail conversations, and credit card data may be leaked to cyber crooks, and therefore lead to loss of money and some other issues. The pop-ups state that this problem can be taken care of immediately, as soon as the visitor calls 0-800-090-3853 and asks a 'certified Microsoft expert' for help. However, you can rest assured that Microsoft Corporation would never promote their services via browser pop-ups, and the people who answer the calls to '0-800-090-3853' are in no way associated with reputable technical support services.

The '0-800-090-3853' pop-ups are linked to a technical support tactic that aims to collect money and information from users by convincing them to fulfill the demands of the fake computer expert who may demand money or access to the victim's machine remotely. To make their requests for cash sound more legitimate, the con artists may attempt to sell useless subscriptions to computer maintenance services, or they also may try to sell fake software products. Whatever they offer, you can rest assured that it's fake, and it is only a trick they use to get their victims to send them money knowingly.

The 'Error # SL9DW61' seen in these pop-ups is also used in several other online scams hosted on Final-urgent-trojan-notification-about-window-error-http4004.site and Support-online-pc.site, as well as phone numbers like 877-769-4179, 877-227-0785, and 844-257-9402. Encountering these messages in your web browser does not indicate an infection, but we strongly suggest that you close the messages immediately, and run an anti-malware scanner as an extra security measure.