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'$1000 Venmo Gift Card' Pop-Up Scam

Posted: September 8, 2020

The Venmo payment service has become very popular in the past few years. Unfortunately, this has attracted the attention of fraudsters and con artists who are looking for a way to profit from naïve victims. One of the most popular Venmo-related tactics online is the '$1000 Venmo Gift Card' pop-up scam – it tries to trick users into believing that they have won $1,000 that will be deposited to their Venmo account as long as they follow the instructions. The tactic is disguised to look like a mini-game, where the potential victim has to open the correct prize boxes – the catch is that all boxes are winners, and it is impossible to lose at the game. Once the victims have engaged with the tactic, they may be asked to submit privileged or payment information that will be supplied to the con artists. Furthermore, the crooks behind the '$1000 Venmo Gift Card' pop-up scam may try to trick users into paying a 'processing fee' via various payment options – Venmo transfer, a gift card for Amazon/iTunes/Google or even a text messages. As you can probably already guess, once you send some money to the fraudsters, you will not hear from them again.

If you ever encounter Web browser pop-ups claiming that you have won amazing monetary prizes or gadgets, you should know that they are most likely to be fake. The '$1000 Venmo Gift Card' pop-ups, in particular, are 100% fake, and you should not interact with them at all. Some of the URLs linked to the '$1000 Venmo Gift Card' pop-up scam are Promotionsonlineusa.com and Werewardus.com.