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100sofRecipes Toolbar

Posted: June 3, 2016

100sofRecipes by Mindspark is an ad-supported toolbar for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. As its name suggests, its primary function is to help you find good recipes. The toolbar contains buttons that lead to third-party domains, some of which may indeed teach you how to cook delicious meals. Unfortunately, the actions that this toolbar undertakes don't end here. 100sofRecipes also may be able to change various aspects of your Web clients automatically. 100sofRecipes may substitute both the homepage and the default search provider with untrustworthy alternatives. The suspicious software also may fill the pages that you open with various commercial materials. The most predominant ones are usually pop-ups and banners, but you also may detect in-text ads, transitional ads and embedded videos. The side effects of these new marketing elements are two.

First, their mere presence and loading may lead to minor but annoying functionality glitches such as sudden speed drops or freezes. Second, some of the ads may be related to potentially harmful pages. Unless you are willing to risk landing on platforms that spread threats or try to trick the visitor, you should ignore all commercial materials. Most of the ads consist of coupons and banners, but some may offer you software with unverified legitimacy. It is not advisable to download any content provided by the 100sofRecipes ads. Unfortunately, sometimes the ads by 100sofRecipes may seem to originate from the currently viewed site.

The adware doesn't choose what ads to display randomly. It tries to adjust them to your taste by keeping an eye on your surfing and searching histories. Even if you enjoy some of the sites promoted by this program, you should consider adding them as bookmarks and not visiting them via the toolbar. 100sofRecipes may rely on misleading distribution methods to enter without the knowledge of the person. This problem may occur if you install freeware from suspicious sites without paying the necessary attention to details. Although the adware is small in size, its removal may require a reliable anti-malware solution.