101Tit worm

Posted: March 28, 2006

101Tit worm Description

101Tit worm is a worm that can create copies of itself to spread to other computers. Reports indicate that 101Tit worm is linked to adult content websites and may be downloaded unintentionally by presenting itself as a fake codec or video player update. Systems infected by 101Tit worm have been reported at risk for serious problems like system slowdown, crashes, and other forms of instability. Deleting 101Tit worm should be considered a standard procedure for taking care of your PC and is best when done by suitable anti-malware software.

101Tit worm is a Cautionary Note for Websites and So Much More

The primary known vector for infection by 101Tit worm is pornographic websites. Typical tactics for tricking users into downloading malware like 101Tit worm consist of displaying an error in a fake movie viewer requesting that the user download a codec or other video player update. This will install 101Tit worm or another infection, thereby neatly bypassing your computer's defenses.

However, as a worm, 101Tit worm can also spread to other PCs easily in other ways. Contact by an uninfected computer with an infected computer should be shunned, since it's likely to result in the second computer being infected by 101Tit worm, too. The two most common methods of worm propagation are:

  • Through network-shared resources. 101Tit worm may copy itself automatically to any folder that is shared on the network. When another computer accesses this shared folder, 101Tit worm can infect it, as well.
  • Through removable storage devices such as USB hard drives. Many worms like 101Tit worm will copy their files to each drive, giving these files attributes to flag their status for concealment. This is usually accompanied by an Autorun file that causes each copy of 101Tit worm to run whenever it's accessed by a new machine, including any machine that uses the device 101Tit worm copied itself onto.

Working Through 101Tit worm's Assault

Users have reported a slowdown of their overall system, crashes and general program instability while infected by 101Tit worm. Worse yet, 101Tit worm may also engage in keylogging or other spying activities that seek to procure personal information without alerting the user. Be careful about what you type while 101Tit worm is active – and assume 101Tit worm is active unless you've verified that the process isn't running in memory!

You can check your running memory processes by looking at the Processes tab in Task Manager, which is accessed by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Although this isn't a foolproof tactic and will not necessarily protect you from advanced malware like rootkits, it will often let you catch less advanced threats like 101Tit worm.

Booting into Safe Mode may let you avoid the infamous Blue Screens of Death and other attacks that 101Tit worm can cause. You should only attempt to remove 101Tit worm if you've booted in Safe Mode and updated your scanning software to prevent 101Tit worm from attacking the scanning process. After you've secured a stable scanning environment and the right tools, deleting 101Tit worm should prove no trouble at all.

File System Modifications

  • The following files were created in the system:
    # File Name
    1 worm.dmsetup.e.exe

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