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Posted: December 14, 2020

The '1337x.to' ads are potentially-threatening Web advertisements from a peer-to-peer file-sharing website. Although the site, itself, doesn't host corrupted content due to poor vetting of advertising partners, it may inadvertently display tactics or attacks against your computer. Users should avoid illegal file-sharing resources, check their browser settings for vulnerabilities, and resolve any recurring and non-consensual '1337x.to' ads by any means necessary.

Getting Extra Advertisements on a Search for Files

The hunt for 'freebies' in the digital media realm can turn back around and attack those abusing it too freely, as with the '1337x.to' ads. This website is a torrent search engine that offers direct torrents and magnet links for frequently-illegal content. Like many sites, the domain monetizes traffic through advertisements – which, in this case, are just-as-frequently threatening to their viewers.

Malware experts connect various attacks to the '1337x.to' ads over the years, including fake Flash update tactics, software cracks bundling threats such as viruses, and additional threats evading detection through hiding inside of password-themed RAR archives. However, since these attacks don't load through predictable or static content that the site hosts directly, any visitor experiences may vary.

While users may or may not experience any attacks while browsing the website, malware experts recommend watching for the most common signs, such as:

  • Updates for popular software not from the official company website
  • Files enclosed inside of archives (ZIP, RAR, 7z, TAR, etc.) for obfuscation
  • Pages redirecting to third-party websites without any consent
  • Downloads or streams requiring registration information, such as e-mail addresses
  • Free trials of services that automatically charge at the free period's expiration date

Removing Uninvited Browser House Guests

Adware is a typical cause of unwanted advertisements like the '1337x.to' ads. Adware, or advertising software, usually is a Potentially-Unwanted-Program or Application (PUP or PUA) that doesn't harm or attack the computer or device deliberately. Malware experts still recommend uninstalling all adware by default, including browser extensions and other add-ons. The procedures for doing so will differ from browser to browser, although all legitimate adware should display itself clearly and visibly for removal.

In other scenarios, the '1337x.to' ads may load from changes to Web-browsing settings or stored data. Users may consider deleting all cookies, clearing the browser's cache, and restoring settings to defaults if experiencing issues. Extreme cases may require fully uninstalling and re-installing the Web browser from an official website.

Users who minimize interactions with the '1337x.to' ads shouldn't experience significant security problems from them. However, leaving features like JavaScript, Java, or Flash on can lead to drive-by-downloads and related exploits of software vulnerabilities. Besides disabling these features, malware analysts encourage staying up-to-date with all software patches.

Most security products with adware-inclusive threat detection should remove the '1337x.to' ads as part of resolving any symptoms related to adware or PUPs.

The '1337x.to' ads are mostly harmful to those who empower them. Laws exist for protecting more than just companies, and, sadly, Web surfers who forget their safety could very well find that out in their next download.

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