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'1-844-257-9402' Pop-Ups

Posted: December 20, 2016

Con artists operate the 1-844-257-9402 phone line promoted on pop-up windows, and you should not call the number. Security experts classify the '1-844-257-9402' alerts in your browser as phishing messages. These messages provide misleading information and include claims that are intended to cause distress. The '1-844-257-9402' pop-ups are often accompanied by erratic browser behavior which is caused by code on the page you load. The aberrant behavior may be expressed in poor browser performance, inability to close the '1-844-257-9402' notifications and continuous reloading of pages you opened recently. The '1-844-257-9402' alerts can be found on pages such as:

  • cyber-alert.info
  • cyber-warning.download
  • cyber-warning.press
  • final-firewall-alert.bid
  • final-firewall-alert.space
  • final-firewall-alert.tech
  • internet-alert.host
  • internet-alert.win

We have samples of messages associated with the '1-844-257-9402' pop-ups that come in several variants. It is a common practice for uncertified tech support agencies to change their scheme as often as necessary to avoid Web filters and raising alerts. Windows OS users reported that various browsers had problems with the '1-844-257-9402' pop-ups and commonly used messages include:

  • Variant 1:

    'Microsoft Firewall Protection says:
    Auto-file transfer is in progress
    Please Call 1-844-257-9402 Immediately
    for Technical Support'

  • Variant 2:

    'Cybercrimeexpert says:
    Call us immediately at:1-844-257-9402
    Error # SL9DW61
    Please call us immediately at 1-844-257-9402 Do not ignore this critical alert.
    If you close this page, your computer access will be disabled to prevent further damage to our network.
    Your computer has alerted us that it has been infected with a virus and spyware. The following information is being stolen...
    Facebook Login
    Credit Card Details
    Email Account Login
    Photos stored on this computer
    You must contact us immediately so that our engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone.
    Please call us within the next 5 minutes to prevent your computer from being disabled.
    Toll Free: 1-844-257-9402'

It is important to note that the agents on the 1-844-257-9402 are likely to claim Microsoft has certified them. However, they fail to provide details on their certificate, company origin, and location. Computer users that call 1-844-257-9402 might be suggested to download and run a remote desktop client which allows a third party to enter their OS. That would enable con artists to perform modifications to the registry and file structure. Needless to say, you might want to keep your data private and block untrusted third parties out of your PC. Support from Microsoft is provided to businesses and regular users via Support.microsoft.com, and you should not call 1-844-257-9402 even if it says "toll-free." Warranties could be made void if you use help from uncertified technicians. Therefore, you might want to secure your computer using a reliable anti-malware utility that can block the '1-844-257-9402' pop-ups and delete cookies associated with untrusted pages.

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