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'1-844-890-4980' Pop-Ups

Posted: December 20, 2016

Computer users that experience pop-up windows at online shops and redirects to unfamiliar pages may think that they computer is infected. Some users may interpret the appearance of the '1-844-890-4980' alerts as legitimate security notifications that offer help. However, you should not trust the messages displayed with the '1-844-890-4980' Pop-Ups. The '1-844-890-4980' pop-ups are generated by browser hijacking software and adware that aims to convince you to buy or subscribe to a service. In this case, the '1-844-890-4980' messages are designed to urge you to seek help from a 'Level 3 technician' which is not a legitimate term used to describe a job in the IT sector. Terms like 'Level 5' and 'Level 3' professionals are employed by fake computer support agents to claim credibility and ask to access your PC remotely.

A 'Level 3 Technician' Is Recommended on Your Screen

We have investigated issues connected to the '1-844-890-4980' alerts and found out they are hosted on untrusted pages. Moreover, that is not the first time we have had the chance to look into the latest fake computer support campings associated with the IP address. Browser hijacker that displayed '877-786-0114' pop-ups on the computer was added to our database not too long ago. Evidence reveals that the '1-844-890-4980' notifications originate from the following domains registered to the IP address:

  • cyber-alert.review
  • cyber-alert.stream
  • cyber-alert.trade
  • final-firewall-alert.review
  • final-firewall-alert.tech
  • final-firewall-alert.us
  • internet-alert.faith
  • internet-alert.online
  • internet-alert.pw
  • internet-alert.review

A Network of Sites Is Used to Reroute Users to Services on the 1-844-890-4980 Phone Line

Evidently, the company linked to the '1-844-890-4980' messages purchased many domains to facilitate its operations. The coders who built the platforms for the '1-844-890-4980' notifications might abuse vulnerabilities in browsers and JavaScript to make closing the pop-ups troublesome. That way, many users may be convinced they have been compromised and call the 'Level 3 technician' recommended on their screen. Reports from users reveal that they load a page like cyber-alert.review that brings up a dialog box which says:

'Case ID: 355494D Dear A562567 [your Internet service provider's name]
Customer - We noticed extensive POPUPS and more
Performance issues on your [OS version] computer. It could
be because of a possible ADWARE in your [browser type]
Unfortunately, we do not have a Level 4 technician near
[the area you live in]. So Please call 1-844-890-4980
immediately and get connected to a Level 3 technician for
[OS type] Computer/ please note your Reference number
for this case is 355494D'

Then they click the OK button provided in the bottom right corner, and they are rerouted to a page like final-firewall-alert.review which brings up another pop-up featuring the following instructions:

'Before you go:
Follow this 3-Step Guide to Guarantee your PC Protection:
1. Call An Expert Call 1-844-890-4980 and Get connected to a Certified Expert for
2. Refer Case ID Refer your Case ID : 8386170 and get more details about this Alert
3. Diagnostic Get your [OS version] device diagnosed and fix issues on you'

Clever Use of Audio and Video Aimed to Convince the User to Call 1-844-890-4980

The appearance of the '1-844-890-4980' alerts may be accompanied by audio played in the background that says you are infected and in need of assistance. However, you will not be provided with legitimate help and may be invited to download and install rogue security software such as Advanced PC Shield 2012. Computer users may be asked to approve a remote desktop connection to their computer and pay hundreds of dollars for repairs and subscription they do not need. You might want to take advantage of a trusted anti-malware solution and clean your machine from unwanted software and potential threats associated with the '1-844-890-4980' alerts.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

If you are concerned that malware or PC threats similar to '1-844-890-4980' Pop-Ups may have infected your computer, we recommend you start an in-depth system scan with SpyHunter. SpyHunter is an advanced malware protection and remediation application that offers subscribers a comprehensive method for protecting PCs from malware, in addition to providing one-on-one technical support service.

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