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’2015 Rewards Survey’ Pop-Up

Posted: June 5, 2015

"2015 Rewards Survey" is a misleading pop-up that is a sign of infection on your computer. Typically, annoying pop-ups such as the "2015 Rewards Survey" are displayed due to a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) or an adware infection. Users might easily download and install adware applications as they are often disguised as useful online tools. Adware creators also utilize questionable delivery methods for their products such as bundling with other freeware. Either way, once your system has bee infected with adware or a PUP, it is highly likely that you see the "2015 Rewards Survey" pop-up. Users are not advised to participate in this survey, as you may be redirected to potentially harmful domains or questionable websites that promote dubious content. Instead of taking an action towards these pop-ups, computer security experts advise users to run a system scan with a reliable anti-malware tool that would detect the infection and remove all files related to it.