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'£45 Tesco Vouchers' Facebook Scam

Posted: May 2, 2019

The "£45 Tesco Vouchers" Facebook Scam has made its way to the mainstream where it attempts to offer computer users supposed vouchers for £45. Such offers entice computer users and may result in them clicking on the alert where they may prompt a site redirect to a phishing site in an attempt to get personal data.

Computer users should be cautious of threats like the "£45 Tesco Vouchers" Facebook Scam as it may load at any time if there have been encounters with hacked websites or the download of unknown malware files.

In any case of noticing the "£45 Tesco Vouchers" Facebook Scam pop-ups display one should take immediate action to scan their system using an antispyware application and then allow such a program to eliminate the threat automatically.