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7.rotator.widgetmedia.com is an advertising sub-domain often associated with adware and browser hijackers that control which sites your browser can display. At this time, at least two separate formats of 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com-related attacks have been confirmed, leading SpywareRemove.com malware researchers to the conclusion that there are most likely multiple forms of adware being distributed with the intent of promoting 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com and related content. Although 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com's advertisements are not necessarily immediate threats to your PC's safety, all of the usual warnings regarding potentially unsafe third-party content continue to be applicable, and anti-malware tools should be used to remove 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com adware whenever 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com is detected.

Why the Result of All of 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com's Widgets Inevitably is Advertisements

7.rotator.widgetmedia.com is a sub-domain of an online advertising network that sometimes is promoted through adware-based attacks. Visiting this site will not endanger your browser, but SpywareRemove.com malware researchers warn that the third-party advertisements displayed through 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com are not guaranteed to be screened for your personal safety. Such advertisements often are exploited to deliver fake polls that steal personal information or install scamware through fraudulent updates. Ultimately, any interaction with 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com's advertisements must be taken at your own risk, and using all appropriate Web security features should be taken as a given.

What truly brought 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com to the eye of malware researchers was a series of attacks involving the non-consensual display of 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com advertisements, as follows:

  • Browser hijackers redirect victims to 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com's advertisements from unrelated sites. In some cases, these redirects have been persistent enough to block other websites, such as Facebook.
  • A second format of 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com adware has been known to use pop-ups that don't interfere with loading other sites, but may ignore pop-up blockers and other means of preventing the display of advertisements.

It should be noted that these symptoms have not been seen simultaneously in a single 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com adware infection, which makes the likelihood of several distinct 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com-based PC threats rather high.

Rotating Your Browser Away from 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com's Chosen Rotation of Advertisement Content

While 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com adware distinctly lacks any obvious browser toolbars or add-ons that could be uninstalled easily, SpywareRemove.com malware experts don't suggest just ignoring 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com advertisements and going about with your Web-surfing business as usual. As potential security problems, 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com adware programs should be removed by the right anti-malware tools that can find and delete all files and settings changes related to their installations.

7.rotator.widgetmedia.com advertising attacks have risen slightly in September of 2013, making the possibility of a 7.rotator.widgetmedia.com adware infection slightly more likely than in previous months. You should continue to use overall safe Web-browsing practices to minimize any possible exposure to drive-by-downloads and similar attacks.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

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Posted: September 19, 2013
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