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'800-014-8604' Pop-Ups

Posted: February 8, 2017

Are the '800-014-8604' pop-ups bothering you while you browse the Web? These pop-ups may appear when users stumble upon a low-quality website that is programmed to display these fraudulent messages either because it was recently hacked, or because it was set-up with the sole purpose of propagating this fake messages. Regardless of the reason, one thing is for certain - the '800-014-8604' pop-ups are fake, and their only goal is to scare users into thinking that their computers' security has been compromised.

Pop-ups of this sort may be part of an online tactic that aims to convince users that they are in dire need of help from certified computer experts. As you can probably guess, the phone number used in the '800-014-8604' pop-ups is promoted as a neat way to get in touch with computer technicians who'll help users solve any computer issue gladly. The only problems are that 0800-014-8604 is not linked to any reputable companies that deal with technical support services, as well as reputable technical support teams would never promote their products and services via Web browser pop-ups.

The messages that the '800-014-8604' pop-ups promote may vary when it comes to content, but they'll almost always provide fake information about the computer's health, security and condition. One of the error messages that the '800-014-8604' pop-ups may be linked to is 'Windows has detected suspicious behavior!' but it is entirely possible that the con artists might use other fraudulent alerts as well. In addition to the alerts and warnings, the users also might be presented with a list of things that are at risk unless they take action right away. One type of the '800-014-8604' pop-ups tells potential victims that they might lose their credit card data, email login, Facebook login, and files unless they call 0800-014-8604 to seek help.

However, calling the phone number advertised in the '800-014-8604' pop-ups will not lead to anything positive. As we already informed you, the phone number is used by con artists part of a technical support tactic, and their only goal is to take money from their victims. To make it seem like they are legitimate computer experts, the con artists will not ask the user for money directly. Instead, they may offer them to purchase PC optimization or security software, or to subscribe to overpriced technical support services. Regardless of their demands, the people behind 0800-014-8604 are not someone you could trust, and you must never agree to fulfill any of their requests.