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'844-313-6006' Screenlocker

Posted: April 25, 2019

The '844-313-6006' Screenlocker is part of a clever technical support tactic that aims to collect information and money from its victims. Unlike other technical support tactics that are executed via fake websites, this one relies on a corrupted executable file, which is meant to display an overlay that prevents the victim from accessing their files or menus. The screenlocker window states that the Windows installation has been blocked, and the victim must provide their Windows Product ID to recover their PC. Furthermore, they are asked to call '844-313-6006' for further information and assistance. Needless to say, product keys entered in the screenlocker might be collected by the perpetrators. Attempting to call them is also risky, because they may provide you with false information and attempt to make you pay for bogus services or products.

Another variant of this screenlocker has been spotted using the phone number 888-412-7389, and it is likely that the same group of fraudsters is behind it – they use the logos of popular antivirus products to make their message seem legitimate. We advise you never to trust suspicious Windows pop-ups that tell you to contact a support technician – Microsoft would not promote their services this way, and they would never ask you to provide a product ID or passwords.

The executable file linked to the '844-313-6006' Screenlocker may be propagated via pirated software and media, fake downloads, fake software updates, torrents or spam email. It is best to stay away from files that come from unknown sources and, in addition to this, it is also recommended to keep your computer protected with a trustworthy anti-malware application.

If you encounter the '844-313-6006' Screenlocker, you should not provide the con artists with any information or contact them under any circumstances. Disabling the screenlocker may require the use of the ‘Task Manager’ to terminate the invasive program.