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’844-329-3153′ Pop-Ups

Posted: August 24, 2015

The phone number 844-329-3153 is displayed by misleading pop-ups that try to convince computer users to contact the people behind this online hoax in order to receive unnecessary technical support. To accomplish its intent, these pop-ups deliver erroneous information about problems found on your computer. By calling the 844-329-3153, the computer users will be asked to allow remote access to their machine and pay a fee for the alleged 'technical support.' The people that will answer your call may not be real technicians; they will pretend to know what they are doing, but it is only for show. Their true intentions are to get your money and remote control of your machine in order to collect information that may be used for further harmful activities or install other threats into your computer. Do not call the phone number 844-329-3153 and ignore everything that comes from the '844-329-3153' pop-ups. Instead use a skilled anti-malware remover to scan your machine and delete any harmful component connected to the phone number 844-329-3153 and its pop-ups.