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'+844-391-8111' Pop-Ups

Posted: October 8, 2018

The '+844-391-8111' pop-ups are part of an online technical support tactic, which relies on providing potential victims with fake information regarding their computer’s health and security. The pop-ups in question might be hosted on a broad range of domains used for the exact purpose of hosting and propagating pages that promote technical support tactics like this one. If you encounter the '+844-391-8111' pop-ups in your Web browser, you might find it difficult to switch to other tabs or close the tab with the pop-up in question. This is because the people behind this fraudulent scheme may have used special scripts that disrupt the Web browser’s functionality, therefore making it very difficult to operate it while the '+844-391-8111' pop-ups are open.

The '+844-391-8111' pop-ups claim to be related to the Microsoft Corporation, and the phone line is labeled as ‘Microsoft Security Tollfree.’ Neither one of these statements is true, and you will be charged for calling '+844-391-8111.' Furthermore, neither the phone line nor the Web page is linked to Microsoft, and these are just simple tricks used to make the tactic seem more believable. The pop-ups claim that a virus has been detected on the users’ computers and their machines have been blocked to prevent further damage from occurring. To reactivate the computer, the user needs to contact '+844-391-8111' and follow the instructions of the technician that will answer the call. As you might have guessed probably, calling '+844-391-8111' gets you in touch with the con artists behind the tactic, and they may try to sell you useless information or software.

You should never trust random browser pop-ups, which tell you that your computer has been infected by a virus – they are almost certainly a hoax meant to trick you into paying ludicrous amounts of money in exchange for useless programs, advice or services. If you see the '+844-391-8111' pop-ups in your Web browser, you should restart the browser entirely since this is the most certain way to get rid of the page, which shows the '+844-391-8111' pop-ups. To avoid such messages in the future, you should try to keep your browsing sessions free of suspicious and non-trustworthy websites.