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’855-339-0746′ Pop-Ups

Posted: November 2, 2015

If you run across some security warnings that ask you to call 855-339-0746 for assistance, you should know that some con artists are trying to fool you. These pop-ups claim that there are some serious problems with your computer. They may mention various cyber threats or missing essential files of the OS. In any case, the announced consequences are terrifying: the messages state that you may lose all of your personal files or that you may be unable to launch your PC. You should remember that these alerts are fabricated, and they don't correspond to the truth. The reason for behind the pop-ups is to make you dial 855-339-0746. Such action would definitely be a mistake because this phone number will not connect you with qualified technicians. Instead, you will reach con artists that will try to take your cash. These fraudsters will try to scare you even more at the beginning of the conversation. Afterwards, they may ask you to pay them huge amounts of money to fix your PC. The sum is negotiable, but initially the fake support agents demand around $500. The main problem with this tactic is that computer users pay voluntarily, which makes it much more difficult to receive a refund afterwards. The fabricated 855-339-0746 warnings may appear when there is some browser hijacker or adware in the system. These applications may cause real issues to the web clients sometimes to make you assume that you are actually infected. For example, you may be unable to close the browser tab when the fake security warnings appear. You also may experience automatic redirections towards potentially harmful sites. If you notice the 855-339-0746 notifications in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, you should scan your PC with powerful security software immediately.