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’855-376-4628′ Pop-Ups

Posted: July 13, 2015

855-376-4628 is a fake technical support number that may be displayed on several questionable domains. A couple of the websites that are known to cause '855-376-4628' pop-ups are informationdefense.info and informationsafety.info. Additionally, the '855-376-4628' pop-ups may also be a result of adware or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that the user has installed on his computer. '855-376-4628' pop-ups are made by dishonest individuals for the purpose of making a profit off the uninformed and less knowledgeable users. The '855-376-4628' pop-ups promote technical support services, supposedly, provided by specialists that promise to help with solving computer issues. However, malware security experts warn users that this is not actually the case, and you will compromise the integrity of your personal data and your system's security should you choose to call these technicians. '855-376-4628' pop-ups may be a threat to your finances as you may get asked by the 'professionals' to purchase a security product that has no functionality. Alternatively, you may be required to provide the third party with remote access to your computer, which may allow them to install some dubious application or acquire sensitive information. As we mentioned, it is also possible to receive '855-376-4628' pop-ups as a result of unknowingly installing adware or PUPs. The '855-376-4628' PUPs are most often distributed in software bundles, and proper user behavior should be enough to avoid the responsible applications.