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’855-484-3589′ Pop-Ups

Posted: August 25, 2015

855-484-3589 is a phone number that you may come across when you see bogus pop-ups and virus alerts whose goal is to scare you into thinking that you need professional technical support services. The 855-484-3589 pop-ups may appear because a piece of malware has been placed on your computer, but you may see these pop-ups when you visit an unreliable or compromised website. Users report that the 855-484-3589 pop-ups may sometimes be accompanied by a web page that is designed to look like a Windows blue screen of death, so this is another scare tactic that you should be aware of.

The 855-484-3589 number should not be contacted under any circumstances because the people who'll answer your call are most likely scammers whose goal is to steal private information or money from you. They may try to achieve this by using simple scare tactics and social engineering techniques thanks to which they can win your trust and get you to comply with their requests. If you notice 855-484-3589 pop-ups in your web browser, you should scan your computer for malware. Remember not to trust the bogus warnings and alerts shown in the 855-484-3589 pop-ups, because they are blatant attempts to scare you into thinking that your PC's security has been compromised.