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’855-596-2695′ Pop-Ups

Posted: July 10, 2015

855-596-2695 is a phone number associated with a variety of different con artist campaigns, including several suspected attempts to distribute threats. Pop-ups recommending that you call 855-596-2695 for technical support or other assistance should be assumed to be threats to your computer. Exposure to any Web content affiliated with 855-596-2695 warrants scanning your PC with at least one anti-malware product and malware experts heavily discourage providing information blindly to any institution using this phone number.

From Financial Solutions to Virus Alerts

855-596-2695 is a phone number malware experts have seen connected to disparate tactics, usually with the goal of collecting fraudulent cash payments or distributing threatening software. Some computer users report of receiving cold calls from this phone number, but malware experts are most interested in its associations with browser hijackings and pop-up-based attacks. Current evidence points to installed, unwanted software initializing these attacks, although further information on their identity still is being uncovered.

The two most common formats of the 855-596-2695 hoaxes may include:

  • Fraudulent debt collection services under the name of a company such as Financial Solutions LLC. Although the 'debt collector' may claim to take legal action for unpaid debts, the company fails to provide any form of standardized debt notification in writing. These tactics typically may be confined to cold calls from 855-596-2695, using the phone numbers of computer users harvested previously in a separate phishing campaign.
  • Browser pop-ups from 855-596-2695 also may alert you to the theoretical presence of viruses, spyware and other threats. The 855-596-2695 pop-ups may misrepresent themselves as being associated with Microsoft or Microsoft products, such as the Security Essentials program. These attacks may be used for requesting additional fraudulent payments or for distributing scamware like Security Sphere 2014.

Malware experts also have seen examples of the latter attacks exploiting corrupted JavaScript pop-ups. When misused, JavaScript may block your browser navigation, prevent you from closing the pop-up or, in a worst-case scenario, install threats in an attack.

A Solution to Pop-Ups from Financial Solutions LLC

Protecting yourself from 855-596-2695 tactics and your PC from scripted 855-596-2695 attacks requires both personal precautions not directly related to the Web as well as suitably safe browsing practices. Whenever possible, you should avoid giving information or transferring payments to an entity that has yet to provide legal identification as a reputable organization. You should view any supposed businesses that open communications with threats of taking aggressive legal action with all due suspicion.

For website-based attacks related to 855-596-2695, you may choose to disable scripts automatically (an option available in most, major Web browsers) for minimizing any exposure to hostile content. Pop-up and advertising blockers also may be effective against 855-596-2695 pop-ups circulating via advertisement networks. However, the 855-596-2695 pop-ups that re-trigger frequently may be caused by threatening software or a PUP. Most anti-malware products should be able to detect and delete these threats while scanning your machine.

Malware experts also advise closing 855-596-2695 pop-ups without any unnecessary interaction with their contents, which could provoke further, security issues. Unwanted 855-596-2695 pop-ups can be closed by using Task Manager and terminating the relevant memory process.