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'(855)-712-8551' Pop-Ups

Posted: March 1, 2017

The '(855)-712-8551' pop-ups are corrupted browser messages that users might come across when they browse low-quality websites. These pop-ups may be propagated by pages linked to pirated content, illegal video streaming services or adult content. When the '(855)-712-8551' pop-ups show in someone's Web browser, they may often lead to slight problems such as preventing the user from accessing any other tab, unless they manage to close the '(855)-712-8551' pop-up successfully. However, this action might be more difficult than it sounds, since the con artists behind the '(855)-712-8551' pop-ups may use special scripts to stop potential victims from closing the pop-ups or the browser tab linked to them successfully.

But what is the purpose of the '(855)-712-8551' pop-ups? Just a quick look at their content reveals enough to determine that these pop-ups are promoted as 'helpful alerts' that tell the users that their computers have been infected with a threat and failing to take the necessary measures may result in various security risks. The '(855)-712-8551' pop-ups also are accompanied by a fake error code, the 'Error #268D3,' which we have already seen in the 'Error #268D3' Pop-Ups – another online technical support hoax.

You should never take the information seen in Web browser pop-ups for truthful, especially if it concerns your computer's security and health. There are thousands of technical support tactics running on various domains on the we, and as you probably already suspect, the '(855)-712-8551' pop-ups also are part of a fraudulent scheme whose goal is to trick people into thinking that paying for technical support services is the only way to get their problems solved. Not only this but users who opt to trust the '(855)-712-8551' pop-ups will not be sending money to a reputable technical support team. Instead, their cash will be taken by the con artists who'll just pretend to fix something and trick the users into thinking that they got a nice deal.

If you ever come across the '(855)-712-8551' pop-ups, you should close them immediately and remember not to trust the information they provide. Closing these pop-ups may not always be an easy task, so some users might need to restart their browser completely to get rid of the bothersome messages.